Hate It!! Waiting Desperately for It to Go Away...

I had 2 creases over my upper lip that I was told...

I had 2 creases over my upper lip that I was told the Juvederm would fill, creating a smoother, younger appearance. I now have two blobs above my lip, one under each nostrils. It has been 8 months since the procedure with no sign of the Juvederm being absorbed into my body.

Were it a success, I might be pleased with how long it lasts. Since it is a total embarrassment, I am simply frustrated and annoyed. NEVER AGAIN!!


I hear you. This stuff is awful in the hands of someone who has no clue about facial asthetics. I'm at 9 months. After 2 attempts to dissolve, it still hasnt budged around the corners of my mouth. Even though the lips have gotten smaller. I still have juvederm mouth bags that drag my closed mouth into a frown, a joker curl when I smile or purse my lips, and whats left of the lips still shows how horribly uneven they were.
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i took a chance cause i kne it wud go away its not forever, but i would think your dr could fix that if given a chance, im at 2weeks, happy so far but the first week i was freakin, i was so bruised, i think every1 is different and responds differnt. hope things get better for you. i had a crocked smile b4 jevederm and still do.
First of all, Juvederm can easily be dissolved in 1-2 minutes with a simple injection of Hyaluronidase for any lumps. So to say you've been out in public for that long with the lumps is disappointing to say the least. But perhaps is more important, I do not find Juvederm or hyaluronic acid fillers to be the best choice for filling superficial upper lip ("smoker's") lines. These products are designed to go deeper into the skin. They are not rigid enough to elevate superficial lines. Furthermore, when injected too superficially you can see them as a bluish, almost bruised color to the skin. I would suggest you return for re-evaluation to your treating physician about these issues.
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