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The "buttons on your teeth are such a pain...

The "buttons on your teeth are such a pain and discomfort. I have found it EXTREMELY difficult to remove the "trays". I feel as though I pull so hard that my teeth are going to come out with the trays. Also, they are not invisible. You are able to see the buttons and the trays. The edge of the tray is so very rough and sharp it cuts my gums and tongue. I am really surprised that "Invisalign does not file the edges of the trays so that it is a smooth fit along the gum line. So much for quality control. You cannot eat when the trays are in and they need to be in 24/7. Remove them only to eat but it is rather embarassing trying to pull them out! There must be something else out there that is better.
In order for your teeth to have room to move they take a file and file down your teeth for space! This is the worst feeling in the world.


HI Botston,

Welcome to the Invisalign community. Wow that no fun. Are you going to continue the process? I imagine a different option that could work better for you might be braces, but I would talk to your dentist. Maybe your dentist could file down the trays to make them not cut you as much too. Please keep us updated and I hope everything improves.

Thanks so much for the review,


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