Disfigured/thinner lips giving toothless appearance after Chin Implant

I had a Chin Implant 2 weeks back and am not sure...

I had a Chin Implant 2 weeks back and am not sure if I'd like it say after two months...well, one thing I'm sure by now is that I was not an ideal candidate for a Chin Implant in the sense that I didn't have a real weak chin so I could have used Fat transfer, Fillers, etc and avoid surgical risks...

Hi Friends! I'd urge/suggest all of you not to go...

Hi Friends! I'd urge/suggest all of you not to go for surgical procedures (esp. facial) in pursuit of beauty (until there is dire need to correct some deformity) because there are always some sort of risks associated with surgery...and if, by chance, things go wrong in your case...just imagine what can happen - from a normal person, you can become a 'deformed person' all of a suddent and that too by paying your own money..... what would your surgeon do in that case? He/she has already got the 'Consent Form' signed by you for your deformity, in case.....the point here is, don't get carried away by that intense desire of 'looking great' and opt for surgical procedures, try other non-surgical options that won't make you 'deformed' at least...please be patient and weigh all the 'possible side effects' of a surgical procedure before you go for them - All the best ! Bobby (todearbobby@yahoo.com) India

Dear Doctors, I had these surgeries:1)Facial...

Dear Doctors, I had these surgeries:1)Facial Lliposculpture2)Buccal Fat Pads removal3)Medpor cat extended round two piece medium size Chin Implant by intra-oral route. Now 80 days post surgery, both my lips kook thinner and disfigured, my lower lip is still upward and inward, giving toothless/sunken appearance to my face. Kindly suggest what I should do...wait or go for some revision surgery?
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After viewing your photos it appears that you need to lose much weight or have the fat removed from your neck! Not sure why you got a chin implant....
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Hi, how are you doing now? I had the same problem with my chin. I totally agree with your observations about plastic surgery... it is really not worth getting surgical procedures unless 100% necessary. Lots can be done with (temp) fillers nowadays.
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Hi Bobby, I have just read your review re your bottom lip appearing thinner. Has it corrected itself yet?
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Hi Bobby I had a chin implant 5 years ago and it's been looking crooked and leaning to the left which is making my face look asymmetrical. I am looking to get it removed as soon as possible. I agree with you I don't recommend plastic surgery at all unless it is very necessary.
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Hi Bobby,

I had a chin implant 1 1/2 years ago and I had a similar change to my lower lip as you are describing. I used to be able to hold my lower lip down (using the muscles around my mouth, not by holding the lip with my fingers) and see the gums below my bottom front teeth. Now when I try to do the same thing (I notice this when I am brushing my teeth), I can only hold my lower lip down part of the way; I can see only the top 2/3 of the bottom teeth. It appears that your case is similar only more obvious because you can no longer see your bottom teeth at all which is giving what you call the toothless appearance. I considered removing my implant because I didn't like its appearance but in the end I did not. My profile before did have a rather receding chin and I didn't want to go back to that. So, I don't know if your lip function would fully return if you had the implant out. After looking at your before and after photos I can at least say that your new chin is handsome and I couldn't really see a change in your lip shape. Of course I am looking at only a few small photos; only you know how you see and feel about the changes. Also, I read that facial implants after the age of 40 are harder for the patient to accept as you've already had 20+ years being used to what your natural contours are. Though I decided to keep my implant and I sometimes still feel very awkward about it I do find that, over time, I am slowly getting more used to the new shape of my chin (I also improved the shape with the filler Restylane). Many people didn't even notice I made a change so it is clearly a bigger deal to me than anyone else. A few folks did mention that I looked good or young (I also had my baggy eyelids done), so even though I am not very happy with the results it seems that others think the changes are positive. I would guess it is a similar case for you; you look quite nice in your after pictures. Best of luck in deciding what to do and in finding peace with the changes to your appearance. Take care!
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