Never Doing It Again

I had Restalyne to make my top lip appear more in...

I had Restalyne to make my top lip appear more in proportion to my bottom lip. I liked the bee-stung look immediately... what I didn't know is that I would continue to swell for several days. That was NOTHING compared to the bruising. I had bruises on my upper lip, up into my nose. I looked like I was in a fight. Even my gums became purple and sore.

It was the biggest waste of money. After the swelling and bruising went down (that took 2 weeks), the effects were not all that noticeable (not $400 noticeable).

how are you doing now? At least your Dr. warned you of any dangers, My doctor is in denial. I hope your better!
Newton Plastic Surgeon

She's been great for Botox. I don't blame her for the reaction my body had to Restalyne. She warned me that with my fair skin, something like this could happen.

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