A Little Older Than Most of You...but Got It Done! Pre/Post Op Pics

I'm 48 with 3 kids (ages 27, 14, and 13)and...

I'm 48 with 3 kids (ages 27, 14, and 13)and one granddaughter (age 6). Like most of you, I gained weight then lost it. My high was, oddly enough not during pregnancy but after, 182 lbs - I'm 5'6". I lost down to 132 but could not maintain there - I was running lots and then had cartilage damage to my knee and had to stop running.

I am now still 5'6" and 147 lbs and this is where I have been for 18 months and I can maintain this weight easily. BUT, I wear a size 14 pants because of my belly. And my breasts are very sad and droop half way to my belly.

I have wanted a TT for years but my husband was not on board. On mother's day this year, my dh said "why don't you go ahead and do a MM?" I was hesitant at first due to $$$. But we live relatively debt free and can afford it. While I was so focused on my belly, I didn't see the droopy state of my breasts but now I am looking forward to some perky boobs!

I made appointments with 3 surgeons and decided to go with Dr. Wrye. He works with his partner in all surgeries therefore reducing surgical time. The other surgeons quoted 5-6 hrs for BA, BL, TT, and lipo. With Dr. Wrye and his partner, Dr. Hall, my surgery time is reduced to 3.5 hrs! And, his quote on price was right in line with the other surgeons! While this was not the only factor in choosing him, it helped put him over and above the others. I asked if he uses the pain pump and he does not - so that was the biggest con to using him that I could find.

The biggest disappointment is that due to scheduling at work, the earliest I could get time off was not until Nov 17! I am taking 4 weeks off because of the work I do (not a desk job), I don't want to come back too early.

I have been reviewing the blogs and forums to prepare myself. I have started a list to ask more questions at my preop appointment (not until Nov 10). I have also started a list of things to buy to have at home. I told my oldest daughter that she will be responsible for making Thanksgiving dinner but I will supervise!

We have a trip planned in May, 2012, to go to Mexico and I hope I will be able to rock a two piece!

I took pics today and was totally embarrased by how I look. When I get the courage up, I will post those pics.

In the meantime, I have a widget countdown on my phone and I have 102 days left before my surgery and it sounds like *forever*. But I know with the kids starting school in 3 weeks (one in junior high and one in high school), one playing soccer (practices and games), a trip to Disneyland at Halloween, that the time will just fly by!

So after raising kids since I was 20 - it is finally "All about me"!


Thanks for all the warm welcomes! I am such a planner...I have already seen my gyn MD to discuss my hormone replacement therapy (for perimenopausal symptoms - hot flashes, mood swings, etc.). We were going to wean me off of them at the end of this year. But because of the surgery we are weaning me off of them now. I have had a few hot flashes but nothing really bad yet. I should be off the hormones by early to mid October.

I also just saw my ENT doctor (I have Meniere's and BPPV) both of which cause vertigo which leads to nausea (I occasionally feel like I just got off a merry-go-round). I will ask my PS for a scopolamine patch to wear starting the evening before. Hopefully, this will reduce or eliminate the spinning feeling and post op nausea/vomitting after surgery. Last thing I want to do is to start vomitting after abdominal surgery - just doesn't sound like fun...

I bought two pairs of men's large pajama bottoms yesterday at Kohl's (had a 30% off coupon - gotta love Kohl's!). I looked for a front closure sports bra (per my PS's instructions) but couldn't find on at Kohl's. I still have lots of time so I will find one later...

I also made an appointment with a personal trainer I had worked with when I lost my 50 lbs 4 years ago. She will come to my house on Wednesday next week to help me with a work out plan. All the PS thought that I could stand to lose another 10 lbs and the results will be even better (I'm still at 147 lbs and 5'6"). So I have 3 months to do this! I have a stacked weight set at home plus free weights. I also have The Firm's Wave system for cardio. I think this will be my biggest challenge.

I am finally down below triple digit days to surgery! 98 days to go (but who's counting!)

I will consider posting pictures next week...

Thanks for all the support!
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You know Cabo like I said with this great site now you get to learn with these lovely ladies and they feel like youi know them forever. so time is ok it us we are impatient lol.
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Four weeks off is great! That will really give you time to rest and heal. Keep us posted about how you're healing as the big day nears!

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OK - so here are my photos. This is a really hard...

OK - so here are my photos. This is a really hard thing to do...

I am meeting with my personal trainer on Wednesday to knock off 10 lbs by November. I will repost photos right before my surgery.


I completely agree this is a great site to have!
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Thanks again! I feel fortunate that we have "real self" available to us!
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Just saw my primary MD - got the thumbs up on the...

Just saw my primary MD - got the thumbs up on the surgery. Just need to do an EKG and one more visit just prior to surgery - make sure there are no changes. My ps did not ask me to get an ok, I just wanted it for my peace of mind.

hmmm 85 days left before surgery - I've already bought 4 front closure bras (2 different styles), a front zippered robe, and 2 pairs of large pj bottoms. Can you tell I'm a planner?! I'm not stressing just want to be totally prepared. lol!

I am also planning our trip to Mexico in May, 2012 - giving me enough time to recover and lose some of the swelling. We are also planning a trip to see "The Mouse" aka disneyland. My surgery is just 2 weeks after we return!

I know the next few weeks will just fly by!!!!


I had my TT on June 30. It took 4 hours just for that alone. I am happy with the results (I am 47, 5'7" and 165) but had no idea it would take so long to heal. I am glad you have 4 weeks. I needed all of the 4 weeks I had and I still wear a binder to bed. My drains were in for 2 and 3 weeks and I developed a seroma. Do NOTHING until your drains are removed and take your pain medicine religiously for the first week. Good Luck!
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whoo hoo almost there!
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I am just getting anxious to get it over with - I realized it is 10 weeks til the surgery - wow! I started in May! Time has flown by...
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Some not so good news today - because of staffing...

Some not so good news today - because of staffing issues where I work and the "perception" of the number of vacation hours allowed per week on our work schedules, I may have to reschedule my surgery :( I am going to talk with my supervisor tomorrow. We can only allow no more than 50 hours of combined vacation hours per week and one of my weeks off we have a total of 68 hours. However, one of those days is Thanksgiving (we close on Thanksgiving) and the day after Thanksgiving (we work with a reduced staff) Saturday and Sunday we a significantly reduced staff. Most people are trying to get their hours so we usually are overstaffed that one week each year. I was given the okay by our manager to have an extra person off that week (me). The bad thing is that I am on the scheduling committee - so it looks like I am trying to juggle the numbers to make it work. If I don't have my surgery then, I will have to delay it until maybe April! Vacation time is already signed up. This is so frustrating! Thanks for listening to my vent (even if it is confusing!)


Not confussing honey not at all Geez we are the oppiste I have to wait for the money and have plenty of ok vacation! you are all prepared just waiting to run!!!! man oh man Cabo let fate happen it is like when your having a baby and dr tell you dont push lol hold on !
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I have plenty of vacation/sick leave saved up - just not enough people at work to let more than one person off at a time. We have a couple of empty positions but they have not been posted for people to apply for. It sucks... Thanks for following my post..

Spoke with my supervisor and everything is OK...

Spoke with my supervisor and everything is OK ***whew!!!*** ;o)

Now I just have to deal with my coworkers comments about the "extra vacation time" off that week. But I have my big girl panties on and I can deal with it!

Thanks for listening, again!

70 days and counting!


GOOD FOR YOU and this date is going to be here before you know it!!! We are the same age :)
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You will do fine and will absolutely love the results. I am sure that you have read that many of us have had back aches after surgery. I bought a recliner from wal-mart that is a rocker and it has a massaging feature. The recliner has been my life saver. I sleep in it as I am only 6 days post-op and still feel uncomfortable on my back. The recliner was only $229.00 it is microfiber padded and really comfortable. I would buy it ten times over if I needed to. Also for me I wore a strapless sundress that was loose to surgery and this made it easy to take on an off. I began taking one dulcolax stool softener two days before surgery, the pain pills cause contipation. I wore a depends womens diaper for the first five days afterwards because the were pliable on the drain tubes and are disposable. Also the day of surgery i got up and walked around for just a few minutes. I have increased my walks daily and have been using a heating pad to easy my back ache. I did not use many pain pills, but no one on this site is trying to be a hero, use what you need to safely. I did have the pain pumps and mine lasted for about four days. Also avoid the obvious, laughing, coughing, sneezing. The dulcolax will help the bowel movements ease out with out requiring a great deal of pushing. Best of luck to you, I am sure you will do great, I was more nervous that I EVER should have been. Hope to see your beautiful new body soon.
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Mandy, thanks for the info! I do have a recliner (but doesn't massage). I need to rearrange my living room because my two pugs love to jump from the couch to my lap when I am sitting on the recliner - OUCH!!!! I just couldn't image how that would feel! Unfortunately, my ps does not use the pain pump (I already asked). But he does the surgery with his partner (also a board certified ps) therefore decreasing the surgical time from 5-6 hrs to 3.5 hrs. In my world, the less anesthesia time the better even if he doesn't use the pain pump. I do get backaches so I will just have to see how the recliner/bed situation goes. My dh will be off from work for my first 6 days. I will then be by myself for day 7. Day 8 is Thanksgiving and my 28 yr daughter will be coming to my house and making dinner. I then have my younger girls (ages 12-14) home until Monday. So I will have lots of help. I am concerned about returning to work as I am on my feet for most of my 8 hr shift. But I think if I do things just a bit differently I will be able to sit for some of it. I *know* I will have swell hell after I return to work. I already gain about 3-4 lbs during the day. I am not too nervous about the surgery, it's the return to my job that has me concerned...we will just have to see...

I am about 6-1/2 weeks out from my surgery and the...

I am about 6-1/2 weeks out from my surgery and the time has flown by! I go next week to "try on new boobies" Can't wait for that part! LOL! I will be done with my hormone replacement therapy on Monday - I have been weaning off of it in preparation for the surgery. My schedule for work is done and my time off is officially on the schedule- Yay! We are going to Disneyland for Halloween and when I return it will only be 2 weeks until the surgery!

One note - I have told my friends and some co workers about the surgery, I have even told my mother in law (she will be here for T'giving so she will find out anyways) but I have not told my mother or sister (who live 2500 miles away). I struggle with our relationships and just decided not to tell them. Money is tight for my sister and she has always been resentful/jealous?? of my husband's and my success - I am done with it and don't feel like going through the explanations. Don't know if any of you have experienced but it has really liberated me on alot of history and emotions with my sister. My mom (who is 80) would worry so I'm not telling her.

My bffn (best friend forever neighbor) who lives across the street - said she is on standby to help with anything (she has had a TT in the past). My husband is off work for 6 days after the surgery and my oldest daughter is still on for cooking T'giving dinner. She has invited a few of her friends which is okay but she knows she is responsible for it all - including clean up!

I am just rambling on and on so I will stop now and update in a few weeks.

I am thankful for this website and everyone's support and stories - it has helped me be more aware and prepared for the post op period!


I had my date change so it is November 10th instead of the 17th My kids are also a lot older--my oldest is 21.

What a RUSH, right? I look at naked women everyday now just shopping LOL Um, naked women here I should add...not just like anywhere! :D

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@ mom_me - thanks - it is going even faster than I thought it would. I looked at your blog - and OMG! I hope I look even half as good as you do when mine is all done! Congrats!

Picked out the new tata's today! It was exciting...

Picked out the new tata's today! It was exciting but a bit overwhelming... I am very thin under my breasts around the ribcage. I also have a fair amount of breast tissue so I hope I didn't choose to big of an implant. My doctor's partner came in to talk with me and said in all of his years of experience, he has had only one patient say they wished they had gone smaller. Most women wish they had gone a little bit bigger. So, looking at the implants I had chosen, he suggested getting the largest size. My choice was the 400 ml moderate profile plus. I want some natural, some fake look - you know - are they real or aren't they??? looks. I will get the opportunity to retry at my preop appointment which is on November 9th.

now I'm starting to get excited...


yay Cabo you waitied long enough I am excited for you!
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I am just under 5 weeks out...hmmm already doing...

I am just under 5 weeks out...hmmm already doing the nesting thing. I am cleaning each room top to bottom. We live in a high desert climate which means lots of fine dust/dirt that gets into everything. I also have two pugs that shed more than I care to mention. Part of the reason I am doing this is my mother in law is going to house and pug sit while we go to Disneyland for Halloween (we will be gone a week). When I come back it will be 2 weeks until surgery so I want everything really clean before Disney and then just touch ups the week before surgery.

I did have the worst attack of vertigo I had ever had yesterday - had to come home sick from work. I have meniere's and am hoping that I can get it back under control in the next couple of days. I feel better today. I think a combination of stress from work, planning the Disney trip, planning surgery, change in weather, and maybe a head cold starting all created the "perfect storm" to set off the vertigo. I see my ENT doctor the week before surgery for a follow up visit.

I don't want ANYTHING to delay my surgery. Time off from work is very difficult to get. In fact, vacations are already booked out until November 2012. It would be impossible for me to schedule another 4 week block of time off to have the surgery. So I am stressing about that! Because of my job, I have to have 4 weeks off to recover. I cannot go back to work at less than 100% ready to work. Another stressor! Wow! I think I just need to approach things one at a time and take a deep breath...

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I am now 4 weeks, 1 day away from the "All about...

I am now 4 weeks, 1 day away from the "All about me" day! I am officially starting to freak out...

Things I am obsessing with:

1. The money I am spending on myself - I could buy a car with that money - take a very nice vacation somewhere exotic...

2. Post op pain

3. Potential complications

4. Being older and not bouncing back as quickly as someone in their 30's

5. Not being ready to return to work after 4 weeks

6. I'm sure there are more things but this is what is on my mind this morning.

Unfortunately, it is kind of taking some of the fun out of our Halloween vacation to Disneyland. I won't let it interfere but it is in the back of my mind.

I have done every thing I can think of to be prepared. I have weaned off my hormones (and I have the hot flashes to show for it), stopped my aspirin, fish oil, and glucosamine/chondroitin. Last night was my last call for alcohol- no more wine for me! I have appointments with my primary MD for final clearance for take off and with my ENT to make sure my Meniere's is managed well after surgery. I see both of them just before my preop appointment with the ps. I have my finances lined up. I have my shopping list for foods and snacks for post op. Thanksgiving dinner is arranged.

strangely enough though I am really looking forward to my "surgical vacation"...


Cabo, It's so nice reading your posts. I am 48, but am still overweight but I'm doing it anyway. My tt, lipo, and BR, is scheduled for Dec. 13. I am now working on trying to get everything in order. I'm curious, why are you stopping your horomones? I take bio-identical and can't imagine stopping. That has me a little concerned. I wasn't planning on stopping. I am going in for my mamogram soon. Just thinking about this gets me nervous. I will keep up with your posts and pray everything goes well. I think it will be great to have 4 weeks off. I have from Dec. 13 to Jan. 3 off work. I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE DOING THIS!
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@Super: My BMI says I'm not overweight but all of my weight is in my abdominal area :( I stopped my hormones (prometrium and vivelle dot patch - which are not bioidentical but the next step below) because I have a big fear of developing a blood clot (might be an unreasonable fear). In fact, we just came back from a trip requiring two 10 hour drives. I made sure I pointed and flexed my feet and moved my knees during alot of the trip. My gyn also wanted to wean me off of them at the end of this year, so timing was good to attempt it. But I must say the last 3 weeks has been hell! I saw my gyn yesterday for my annual and asked if he would put me back on them after the surgery. He said yes but about 30-45 days after the surgery. I can't wait - I am almost more excited about going back on them than the surgery! Well, almost...LOL!

I had knee surgery 2 years ago and didn't stop them but that surgery was only 30 minutes. Mine is 3.5 hours (I have 2 surgeons working at the same time) and that is a long time not to be moving your legs. They do use something called a sequential compression device (leggings that wrap around your calves that inflate and deflate to recirculate your blood so that it doesn't pool in your calves creating a blood clot.). Some surgeons use TED hose (tight white stockings that help with reducing blood clots in your legs). I would check with your gyn and ps to see if it is something they would recommend.

I agree! My date is in 2 weeks and I go back and forth "should I, shouldn't I?" But it is something I really have wanted to do for years (the TT - the BA and lift were afterthoughts). I want my clothes to fit better and me to look better. I am told frequently that I look 10 yrs younger than I am, I feel that way (mostly!). My boobs are starting to look "matronly" so I really like the idea of a lift!

Sounds like you are getting a nice stretch of time off too. I am worried about returning to work and being able to do my job but I know I have to and will get through it...

I see my primary physician next Tuesday to get clearance (he wants to do an EKG) and ps next Wednesday for my pre op appt. The appointments with my primary and my gyn were done at my desire - my ps did not require it. I just want to make sure nothing will delay the surgery or put me at a bigger risk. I am a healthy, almost 49 year old. Biggest healthy issue is I have high cholesterol that is controlled well with low dose simvastatin and Menieres.

Fortunately, I work with my anesthesiologist so we have discussed management of the Meniere's and we are good to go!

I, too, will follow your posts! Email me if you have any other questions!
your welcome sweetie and I know you are going to have more emotions sweetie so hang in there!
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It is getting close to GO TIME! My pre op...

It is getting close to GO TIME! My pre op physical with my primary doctor is Monday afternoon and my pre op with my ps is Wednesday morning!

I cleaned out the flower beds and put the beds to sleep for the winter. I also cleaned out the chicken coop so they are gtg for the next 3-4 months.

Next weekend is shopping for fluids and foods for my post op recovery time.

I only have 7 more days of work and 12 days total days until "THE DAY"!

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Had my pre op appt - blood drawn, photos taken...

Had my pre op appt - blood drawn, photos taken (ughhh), consents signed, bill paid, went to lunch with the husband, dropped off my prescriptions - I am first case on Thursday, November 17th. Surgery scheduled for 8:00.

wow - it really is going to happen...


SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine went very well. I wish I was warned that you are in significant pain when you first wake up. It is OK I was just like WHOAH!!!
I am 5 days PO and THRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLED a little . ;-)
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Last day at work for 4 weeks. I am ready for my...

Last day at work for 4 weeks. I am ready for my surgical vacation!

I am nervous, anxious, and excited!

Yesterday was my 49th birthday - eventhough I told the husband to not get me anything for my bday - he got me a $100 gift card to Victoria's Secret! I can't wait to be able to shop there and feel great about myself!

I will update after the surgery!

Wish me luck!


Okay, I'm getting worried about you.... please post an update!
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Girl, hope all is well. I'm saying a prayer for you right now. Please respond soon so we'll know you're okay.
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Happy Birthday! You're probably in surgery RIGHT NOW! Holy cow. Can't wait to hear how you're feeling. Remember, the first few days will be the hardest. And then it will get better. Hugs!

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I am now 10 days post op - Feeling better everyday...

I am now 10 days post op - Feeling better everyday. I will do a quick synopsis of my journey:

Nov 17 day of surgery:

Pre op went smoothly. It is a small surgery center only 4 ORs. I brought pastries for each area - pre op, OR, and recovery. I know how hard the nurses work. My surgeon did all of his markings. My anesthesiologist gave me my morning cocktail then I was waking up and trying to get out of the gurney on the way from the OR to recovery. I guess I felt like I was still at work (I am a pre op nurse in a very large hospital - we have 19 ORs). After I was reoriented and told that I am the patient and not the nurse, I settled right down. Surgery time was only 3 hours (He always works with his partner thereby reducing anesthesia time) Most of my pain was in the upper abdominal area. My husband was there and it was time to get up to go home. When the nurse got me up, dressed and into the wheelchair, I decided it was a good time to pass out. They got me back into a recliner, gave me IV fluid and an injection in my muscle to help with my blood pressure and heart rate. I perked up in about a 1/2 hour, said it was my "window of opportunity" to go home- so I did.

The first night was rough - I had bleeding at my drain sites and alot of drainage into the drains themselves. I also almost passed out again. My husband called the surgeon. I started feeling better after a bit.

The next couple of days are a blur of soup, crackers, gatorade, bathroom, and pain meds. I did not get nauseated at all.

I showered on the 3rd day. Instead of buying a shower chair - I had a camp stool and sat on that. It worked well. I used a fabric belt around my waist and safety pinned the drains to that. Still feeling pretty worn out.

Day 5 went to the surgeon's office. He was pleased with everything. Kept the drains in. I switched from the ace wrap around my breasts to a sports bra. Still have the abdominal binder on.

Day 7 Thanksgiving Day. Very quiet. My husband made dinner and my kids cleaned up. Feeling a bit better. Both drains stopped draining.

Day 10 Today. My left drain has completely stopped draining but I have drainage coming out around the drain site. My right drain started draining old blood yesterday. In the past 24 hours it has put out 38 mls. My surgeons criteria for removal is < 20 mls in 24 hrs. I return to his office on Tuesday.

So far, this has been a tough journey. My breasts are well healed but look huge - I am now second guessing the size of my implants. My abdominal incision is healing but the incision is purple. Belly button looks good. The bruises on my back are starting to look better. I am so over the drains. I hope he will take both out. The one that is draining old blood is starting to make me feel "dirty". I am stronger now able to shower and sit up. Walking is the most difficult thing now - my lower back cramps up then my abdomen pulls forward - ughhh.

My surgeon said he took 1200 mls of fat off my flanks and pulled my abdomen down until the area about 1" above my navel is now my incision line! He said I was very flat on the table and has no doubt that I will have an excellent result.

I am amazed at how quickly most of you bounced back. I think I am on the slower side of recovery but I have another 2-1/2 weeks off from work and need to be totally read for work.

I also am having a hard time looking at my body. I have not had a good look at it yet. The boobs are much larger than I expected. When I look at my abdomen, all I see are the drains. I have yet to appreciate the work my surgeon did. The husband and kids will be gone from the house tomorrow so maybe I will get a good look then. I don't know why I am having such a hard time looking at it...


It was so nice to hear from you! I can't wait to see your before and after photos. I bet you look great. Are you up and walking around?
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It's hard to look because it's not very pretty yet! :0) But it will be. Hang in there. I hope you can get your drains out tomorrow and start feeling more like yourself soon. Your breast implants should definitely drop in the next few weeks and then they won't feel so high and large. They're also surely still swollen.

This is prime time for second guessing yourself. But try not to until you've healed a lot more. Make peace with your decision to get this done, and in another several weeks I think you'll be happy you did.

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Good to hear from you Cabo Honey! It's been so long. I hear everyone complain abt the drains, I know you will be happy when they're out. As for the recovery, everyone recovers at their own pace. Take it one day at a time. Have you boobs dropped yet, that will make them appear smaller. Happy healing!
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Day 12 - One drain removed today - still have my...

Day 12 - One drain removed today - still have my other little friend. It is putting out a little too much plus my ps doesn't like to remove both the same day. He says sometimes the drainage increases in the other drain for a few days. Once my other drain has less than 20 ml in 24 hours I can come in and get it removed.

Each day I feel stronger and have more endurance. My ps says I look great - still lots of swelling, especially in the flanks and boobs. I am walking more upright. I am still wearing my binder - when I take it off to wash it, I feel really uncomfortable. My bra I can now sleep without it if I want. No massage yet of the boobies - he says they are still too swollen.

I slept in my bed last night but was uncomfortable from about 2am on. I will probably go back to the recliner tonight - my husband has to go to work tomorrow & I am afraid that my restlessness will keep him up.

I *might* do pictures tomorrow - we will see...


Cabo, thanks for the information. I will mention the lose aspirin to my PS before I start taking it. I think she was thinking I should take it a day or two after my surgery. I had to stop by arthritis medicine yesterday (mobic)and my joints are already getting stiff. It's hard to believe how much the meds help till I quit taking it.
How is Bobbie doing? Hey, the good thing about having her for such a long time is that the swelling may be less with her around. Post a few more pics when you feel like. It helps me to see other people and their progress. I can do this!! I need to click my heels and say this 3 times. lol
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Yes, you can do this! Not going to sugar coat it, but each day is a bit better. Unfortunately, Bobbie seems to really like me and is still hanging around... I have had 25-35 mls per day. I see my ps on Friday - maybe I can talk him into removing it! I will post more pics after Bobbie goes away. Check w/ your ps about restarting your mobic after surgery. Your day is just around the corner!!! I'm very excited for you!
Oh,I bet your friend will be long gone by next Thursday night. I think I will check on getting one of those tables. Girl, I am getting so nervous. I went to my hormone dr. thursday for my 6 mo. check up. She told me to only take one hormone pill vs. two till after my surgery. She also recommended that I take a low dose (81) aspirin the day after surgery to thin my blood to prevent clots. My PS didn't mention this, what do you think? Are you walking around okay now?
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I have an appointment tomorrow - I think my...

I have an appointment tomorrow - I think my friend, Bobbie (aka drain), will make her exit tomorrow! I can't wait!

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Yay!!!! My friend, Bobbie (aka my drain), has left...

Yay!!!! My friend, Bobbie (aka my drain), has left the building!!! My ps is very pleased with my results so far. He said I still have some swelling in my breasts so they should go down a bit more but I can buy some new bras - he suggested not to go overboard and buy Victoria Secret bras yet because I am not at my final size. My abdomen looks good, still some swelling and scabs on the incision but I am loving my new shape! He also said the lipo area (flanks) is looking better.
He also told me that the reason I was feeling so punky after the surgery is that I bled more than most. I had more bruising and had my drain in longer.

So I went to Kohls and bought a couple of bras (38D!!) and a couple of compression garments (flexees). I am going to return the compression garments today though. I wore one to a party last night and it was way too tight. My ps said I needed to wear some type of compression garment but it needs to be comfortable and this wasn't! So I will look for some that are not the extra firm compression.

I posted a picture - sorry about the quality - I will try to get a better one later.


Exactly! That's what I compared this process to. I barely remember how I felt that first week! And my new boobs look more like they belong to me now, like they go back down after having a baby!
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Exactly! That's what I compared this process to. I barely remember how I felt that first week! And my new boobs look more like they belong to me now.
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I know you are glad Bobbie is gone! Glad you're feeling better!
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I tried on some of my pre surgery pants (size 14)...

I tried on some of my pre surgery pants (size 14) and some of them are too tight!!! WTF! I have lost 5 lbs my big flap is gone and I am having a hard time fitting into some of my old clothes! Some are a bit loose but most I can't even button. And this is with a flexees compression garment on! Soooo discouraged...

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OK so I have what looks like a little hole...

OK so I have what looks like a little hole starting to form under my left breast. It is where the incision from the nipple comes down and meets the incision under my breast. hmmmmm it is painful - I have an appointment tomorrow to have my ps look at it. It is hard for me to see because of the location. I had to use a couple of mirrors. My bra seems to irritate it so I put a pad there to protect it. I hope it is nothing...


I'm sure you're experiencing what folks call "swell hell". I'm sure you will be quite a bit smaller when the swelling goes down. I am trying to prepare myself for that because I have read and read it with most post op posts. If you do have some separation under your breast, you PS will fix it tomorrow. I'm sure it's nothing too serious. Take a pain pill and rest. I'll check on you when I come back to earth. My appt. is EARLY in the morning.... not sure when I'll feel like being back on the computer. OMG.... I need to go to sleep! Talk to you soon!
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The spot under my left breast was nothing to worry...

The spot under my left breast was nothing to worry about - not an infection - Yay!

I am now down 6 lbs from pre op weight - my appetite is not great so I went to the grocery store yesterday to purchase higher protein items to help with healing - now if only I had an appetite!

I return to work tomorrow - :( don't want to but have to. We will see how it goes...

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Back to work today - scheduled for 8 hours and...

Back to work today - scheduled for 8 hours and worked about 5.5 hrs. I was able to leave early - we had enough staffing. My job requires me to be on my feet for most of my shift. My back was really hurting - I am still not standing straight up so it puts extra pressure on my back. Tomorrow I am doing charge nurse so hopefully I will be able to sit a bit. On Saturday I have a class to renew my advanced cardiac life support for 8 hours, a christmas party for work that night AND a soccer game for one of my girls! I will probably pass on the party and soccer game...

I just need to work smarter not harder...


I'm 4 weeks post op. I still have a hard time standing straight. I think that is my biggest problem. Good luck on monday!
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My back is killing me too! I have to go back to work Monday (10 dpo) and I am not sure how long I am going to be able to make it myself! I use the heating pad, but it doesn't seem to be helping, except when I am sitting! :( We'll make it eventually! How many dpo are you?
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how was work!
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Made it through a full day at work (Friday) along...

Made it through a full day at work (Friday) along with staying extra because we were so busy. Felt about 50% better on Friday than on thursday. I am in a class today for about 6 hours which will include doing CPR - not sure how doing compressions on a manaquin (sp?) will go but gotta do it! I'm off Sunday (yay!) so I will rest up.

I am really really swollen at the end of my shift but by the next morning most of it is gone. I still have residual swelling but the extra from working is mostly gone. Still very numb on abdomen - strange feeling! I am still wearing a cg - but not the abdominal binder. I bought a couple of bali undergarments that seem to work well and are easy to wear. I need to pick up some more so that I am not doing laundry every other day!

I will post more pictures in the next couple of days.


You are looking super here...just a few spots on the incisions and it's all done...great job!
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I love being a sexy gramma!!!
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I am walking a little straighter (I think). But about the 5 min. mark, I am exhausted! lol
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I think that Dr. Wrye and his office have been phenomenal especially post operatively. He is very reassuring and it is obvious that he enjoys what he does. When I had a complication my first night home, my dh called his exchange and he called back within minutes. With every surgery, Dr. Wrye works with his medical partner, Dr. Hall thereby reducing surgical time. My surgery as quoted by other ps was 5-1/2 to 6 hrs. Drs. Wrye and Hall did mine in 3 hours. I liked the idea of less anesthesia time. I felt like I made the best choice for me.

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