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20 Years Old - Netherlands, NL

So today I had my first (and hopefully my last)...

So today I had my first (and hopefully my last) nosejob. I have always hated my nose and I was so glad that I could finally do something about it. I wish I could post a very happy review right now, but I don't feel too good. I've thrown up about five times because of all the blood I've swallowed. And right now I just hate the packing. It makes swallowing hard, it makes breathing so annoying. UGH. I am allowed to remove it tomorrow around 8 AM and I'm just counting the hours cause it's 10 PM where I live right now. I know a lot of it is also a mental fight, but for today it's just a little too much. I pray that everything will be alright and that it will be worth it, because right now, I'm not sure.
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Oof, packing! That is the worst. You are in the hardest days right now. Hang in there and it will get better. I promise! Let us know how you feel once your packing is out.
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I can totally relate to your situation. I didn't have packing but had splints for 8 days and it was so hard to breath through my nose and the mouth would get dry. I wish you a speedy recovery and beautiful results. Looking forward to reading your updates.
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