12 Days After Surgery - Netherland

I made this surgery twelf days ago. I liked my...

I made this surgery twelf days ago.
I liked my eyes with the make-up, but wanted something more nice.
could someone tell me if my eyes will get back my natural shape.
now I'm really not happy with the result. I have the feeling that the doctor cut too much skin. and on my right eye he cut fore sure more skin then on the left one.

ps. sorry for my english


I think your lids willrelax more. It really takes about 4 mos to see the true results as they continually change. I go from pleased after the first week, to concerned, to maybe this will be ok, to wish they looked better. Be patient for a while. To me, your pics don't look bad, but I know it is sometimes har to capture. Consider adding pictures with eyes open. Best of luck
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