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Nervous About the Results....

Honestly, the whole surgery experience was great....

Honestly, the whole surgery experience was great. I went in ready to roll; not nervous a bit.

I got surgery 4/14/09 and it is now 4/18/09. I am not getting the cast off till Monday, but I can still see little changes. Honestly, I am a little scared. I know it has only been 4 days since the surgery, but my nostrils are uneven. I am terrified. That is basically the only thing that I am scared about.

I had a very boxy, upturned nose. I just wanted it smoothed out and smaller. Hopefully everything will turn out good. I have wasted many years of my life being so insecure with my nose. I just pray this will help me with my self esteem.

I will come back on here and tell you the results next week though =]

wish me luck!
And I wish YOU ALL luck with your results!

I'm really happy for you sacker! Who did your surgery? I'm from Boulder, Co and I'm looking for a good rhinoplasty surgeon!
Hey Nyla Barbie. Congrats on the rhinoplasty =] I am glad that you are happy with the results. So far, my nose is looking amazing. The swelling has gone down A LOT! I still can see that my nostrils are slightly uneven, but that is because he made the cuts on one side. It still has to go down more. All in all, I am having great results! good luck with yours!
Hi Sacker I just had my surgery done on April 20th 2009 and I think my nose looks great except for the swelling of course, however one thing you said stuck out to me and thats about the nostrils , mines appear to be uneven as well, now im not sure if its just uneven swelling or what? hows your progress going? and has your nostrils evened out yet?
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