Needles Didn't Hurt but the Swelling and Stuff Does

I'm not an overweight person, I just have those...

I'm not an overweight person, I just have those stubborn love handles that I cannot get rid of. So far I have seen little result, I am only on my 2nd week and I have faith and really think the outcome is going to work.

The process doesn't really hurt just the swelling and burning sensastion is unconfortable. I normally dress nice during the week but when I do my treatments I have to wear sweats for a few days after so I recomend doing it before a weekend.


I was so sore and swollen for 4 days aftermy 1st treatment. It feels like you have had abdominal surgery. Sometimes I have to 1-3 months between appts. because of the remaining pain. lumps and swelling. I never got to finish my $3500 treatments because the company (Lipzap) closed their doors.
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