Need Second Bleph - Will It Be Worse Considering the First?

I had an upper bleph 8 years ago. I expected the...

I had an upper bleph 8 years ago. I expected the extra drooping skin would be removed and my eyes would return to the way they were pre-aging. But instead my eyes looked smaller, half the lid I once had; my left eyelid appeared to have a double lid (the surgeon cut above my natural lid line). There's discomfort in the morning from swelling, even after 8 years.


My eyelid surgery definitely improved the appearance of my eyes, and got rid of the grainy feeling I was getting from having droopy lids. I will caution you to look for a doctor that has you come back to have the stitches removed. Do not go to a doctor that uses the dissolving stitches. The dissolving stitches take too long to dissipate from under the skin which causes a more pronounced scar line. When surgical thread is removed, incisions heal better. And this is an important thing to think about when having facial surgery.
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I want to get this surgery, but im doing it for lower eye for puffiness,do you know if this surgery should be done from the outside of the eye or inside eyelid?
i too am seeking a specialist to fix the agressive horrible bleph i got from a supposedly-good beverly hills surgeon. gosh its horrible what these surgeons are allowed to get away with, they are incompetent and shouldnt be cutting into anyone, their licenses should be revoked. i have seen other surgeons who said they can only put fillers to help with the hollowness and noone else seems to be able to help other than that. so far it seems my eye problems are greater than what anyone is capable of, they just dont know how to fix it, but they sure can get people into these messes. i wish i can find a skin graft specialist for the eyes, i have heard of surgeons who have done this for people who were in accidents and burn victims. there was a woman who couldn't close her eyes anymore after an accident and i think she got it fixed with skin grafting in new york, but i dont know who she went to. i think what we need is a occuplastic/skin graft specialist. have u heard of dr. menick? he is a skin graft specialist plastic surgeon, he mostly rebuilds noses from cancer survivors but i think i will consult with him and see what he says. u can email me at {edited}, after 8 years of living with this problem, im sure if there was someone that could help u u would have already gone to them. don't give up hope. all my best. Editor note: we do not allow posting of email addresses to protect you from spammers. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
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