Need Advice Regarding my Breast Augmentation

Can someone please give me advice on what happened...

Can someone please give me advice on what happened to my breast

I had a breast augmentation in June of 08. Everything looked great until after a car accident recently. The damage to my car was over $5,000. Since I didn't have any broken bones, I wasn't sure it was caused by the accident.My right breast has dropped. I have no pain in the breast, and it is very soft. My left breast has not changed at all. I have before and after pictures of my breast in clothes.


I did follow up with my surgeon, and only got to see his assistant that day. She prescribed steroids thinking my left breast had a capsular contracture, and recommended that I do breast massages only on my left breast. My left breast isn't the issue here; it is my right breast that changed overnight as you can see in the before and after pictures.

Photo Update

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Hard to say if I would recommend this doctor. Everything was wonderful until now. I don't know what is going on here, and I am not getting any answers.

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I was recently rear-ended and the force of the seat belt ruptured by saline implant. It looked EXACTLY like your picture. I ended up getting a revision w/ silicone. I live in Tampa, FL. and it cost me $7,750.
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I had mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in 2006. I had a car accident on 12/31/08 and the seatbelt pushed against my right implant. It has shifted down and to the outside. My surgeon says it is a tear in the scar tissue that holds the implant in place. It has now been 8 months since the accident and I have no leakage (saline). We are doing reconstruction/revision to repair and shift the right breast - changing out the implants, too, as they may have been weakened. Yours is the first post I have seen that references a shift of implant. Good luck!
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From the photos you posted and the history you give, there seems to be a very simple answer and solution to your problem. It certainly appears that the car accident caused a rupture (leak) of your right breast implant which as you described, changed overnight. This explanation of the capsule changing is highly unlikely at best. The capsule is not the only thing keeping your implant in the position that it is in. There are surrounding soft tissues and muscle and these would not change by anything other than surgery or very slowly over time, certainly not overnight. In addition, the volume of the breast would not change and the right breast looks significantly smaller than the left in your photo. This looks like a clear case of a ruptured implant until proven otherwise. I would like to hear a follow up to your situation.
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You may have a deflation or "bottoming out" of the right implant (if that is the one that has changed in your opinion). It's difficult to say without an examination. As you can see, this gal had bottoming out of the left side and after surgery, has a beautiful result. It is definitely correctable.
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What type of implants do you have? I use to look exactly like that when I had silicone implants. My doctor swore up and down that I did NOT have a leak. After the surgery he sat my mom down and said, well "she had a rupture".... There's nothing we can do about spilt silicone. Was she in a car accident? (note he replaced them with saline implants and I do not like my look at all, but oh well, I'm not going to continue to spend more money on boobs so soon. But that's just me.)
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I have saline implants. I found out what happened. My doctor doesn't think it's a rupture. It is actually that the capsule broke most likely due to the accident, but it is going to be hard to prove that one. The capsule will reform, it may take a few months, and it should appear more like my left breast again.
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