Neck Lipo Left a Lumpy Swelling Underneath my Chin.

I had neck lipo done 3 weeks ago (tumescent...

I had neck lipo done 3 weeks ago (tumescent procedure) and although I see a major improvment with the double chin I had, it still lumpy around that area and just a bit swollen. Because of this swelling/bumpy, it still looks like I have a double chin (small one).

Is this normal and how long before I see the final results? About 2 days ago it looked like it was getting better but today I see it a bit more swollen. Is that normal too?

I had the same lump around the incision under my chin for about one month. Now the bump is like a pencil point, almost gone. I massage it everyday when taking a shower while I rubb it with shower soap with moisturizer. Massage is crucial to get rid of the lumps. My neck looks much better than 2 weeks ago.
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