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SmartXide Second Thoughts - Nebraska

I'm scheduled to have the procedure done in a week...

I'm scheduled to have the procedure done in a week. For the past two days I've been reading blogs & now I'm scared to death. The Dr. I am going to told me he has done tons of these & I felt very comfortable with him during my consult. He spent about an hour talking to me.

I have a long history with cold sores & a bacterial infection called impetigo. I think I have psyched myself out & now wonder if I should cancel my appointment. I would so love these huge sunspots to be gone though. Any advice to ease my panic?


I had SmartXide done on my face and chest in January at a Med Spa. I was very surprised at how much it hurt even with the numbing cream. They do not offer any thing else for pain. Got through it and went through the recovery that everyone else goes thru. Very red and swollen, then peeled. I'm still not sure it did enough to warrant what you go through. I also have had it done on my upper arms. They assure me thatby doing the Xide along with Venus Freeze my arms will be vastly improved...the skin is very saggy and wrinkley. I have had 5 Venus treatments and they say I will prob need 7 more plus another Dot treatment. The results thus far are not very convincing! But, if I stop now, I would have wasted the time and money for nothing. If anyone else has tried to "fix" their arms please send a comment. I have to decide in a day or two what to do!
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Also, I got a bacterial and herpes infection afterward, my Doc literally refused to treat me for!!!! A very common risk. And more threatening is when u get herpes in your eyes, can be a horrible life long battle!!!!! Almost Everyone has been exposed to herpes. When they burn off protective layer of skin and eyes, it opens you up to that, I ended up with it: nitemare!!!! And the reps from the laser company will not care and try to Erase your existence on these internet sites!!!! I am sure they will erase me, but HEED my warning!!!!!!
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I have done many minor procedures I loved: Botox, IPL, hydroquinolone creame, (retinae not so much, too harsh!) did not like fillers .... But CO2 Laser ( alternative to Fraxel) can be a NITEMARE!!!!!) do ur research like i did NOT!!!!!!! I will make it a life long quest to deter u from what I went thru!!!!! Email me personally, I will send u pics of the Nitemare that ur face will ensue!!!!!! I had a DFW Doctor who was an absolute misogynist ANIMAL!!!! After The procedure, I finally looked him up on Austin Medical Board website: he already had 8 infractions against him!!!!! The Board did a formal investigation on him on MY behalf!!!!! I do not yet know the outcome!!!!! He was a monster, but also, do not take the treatment lightly! The Rep for the company on this site was soooo FOS!!!! Email then call me! Do not do fraxel or CO2 laser!!!!!!!!!!
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