37 Yr Old Male Lipomas All my Life Hundreds - Nebraska

I'm in pain constantly because of these lipomas...

I'm in pain constantly because of these lipomas and the doctors here around beatrice ne don't believe me that they hurt I was told there not supposed to hurt but they do there ruining my life I have hundreds of them and can't get no answers please help I'm on Medicaid do you all take this insurance if not please let me know who I can find I'm tired very tired and hurting please help. If not I understand just another step backwards.
Sincerely mike
Hello Mike, Hope that you are still online. Last night I posted on another review an alterative treatment, this is an injectable solution called sodium deoxycholate. It helps to dissolve the lipomas and you must find someone who understands the treatment with this solution. This alternative is very inexpensive! I am undergoing my 3rd injection for my painful lipomas and what was 40 lipomas are now eleven which I feel will be gone with the 3rd injection. The injections are spread between 3 weeks. When first injected it will burn for a few minutes, but this means it is working, breaking down the protein which binds the lipoma. If you need any other advice which I may be able to offer, please let me know. In the meantime never give up. I undergone surgery for lipomas many years ago which was successful, but much more expensive. This alternative was a God sent. Breeze
Good day Breeze. Did tge sodium deoxcholater remove the complete lupima?
Hi Breeze any new updates on the sodium injections. Did the lipomas dissapear completly?
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