A Fresher Face for This 51 Year Old

Dang-blame menopause, gravity and 1970's sunshine...

Dang-blame menopause, gravity and 1970's sunshine ~ why must you make me look so tired, sad and grumpy??? I am none of those!!! Well, at least not most of the time. Certainly never to the extent my face wants to portray. (Don't be fooled by my profile pic. It's a few years old. I'll post a current pic soon.)

So, My Journey to a Fresher Face Begins...


None of us knew back in the 70s what the damage would be. Plus middle-age seemed so far off! I'm glad you started your story here on RealSelf and I'm looking forward to following your process. Have you gone on consultations yet? Chosen a surgeon?
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Hi, Angiemcc ~ nice to meet you :) I have not picked a surgeon yet, nor gone to any consultations. In my online search for information I found RealSelf and enjoyed the conversations so much that I joined. I am truly at square-one on my Fresher Face journey... excited and ready to learn all I need to know to make the decisions best for me.
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