I Want a Mommy Makeover -- Don't Know Where to Start - North Carolina, NC

I'm 29, three children. I weigh about 120lbs, and...

I'm 29, three children. I weigh about 120lbs, and honestly -- I can't complain too much because I look really good for having three children, my belly just isn't as flat as it used to be and it likely won't be ever again, without surgery. My breasts are the thing I hate most, I'd always been small chested but after having children and nursing, they upped to a D Cup and shrank back down to a Double A.

They have no shape, they do not sag but they're just... loose. I hate my breasts. I have no sex drive, no self confidence. I won't even wear a bathing suit and I hate my husband looking at me. I want to take a chunk of our tax return and do something for myself. I'd love a TT and BA, but to be honest -- I don't think I could afford both. I see a lot of people going to DR and I suppose it is to save costs?

I'm just lost. I guess I'm finally reaching out.
Not just going to DR for cost. I love Durans work and consistency with different body types! That's my reason for going there in 2014.

I'm glad you did reach out! We are here for you through this journey.

Here are some links that might help you:

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Please keep us posted as you progress through your decision making process.

I'm in NC but I'm going to FL for my MMO. Look up Dr. Salama @ epsmiami.com. He's got rave reviews. If you want to stay in NC, there's a great surgeon in Charlotte, but his MMO starts at $17k! (Eeeeek) I'm paying $8799 for MMO & extra lipo...
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