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I Used the Latisse for 3 Months but Stopped Due to Side Effects - North Carolina

I used the Latisse for 3 months. While my lashes...

I used the Latisse for 3 months. While my lashes did not get thicker or darker they did get longer. However I will not use anymore of it due to dark pink eye lids, dark under my eyes and an eye infection along my lashes from the Latisse blocking the hair follicles and then causing my lashes on one eye to fall out.

Wow this stuff is crazy and there really should be more info on it and truth about the side effects. I have green eyes and I now have green/Grey eyes. Bummer !!

I started using Latise 2 months ago. My lashes have gotten longer but no thickness. Twice, I have gotten a swollen face and eyes, lasting several days. It even was swollen down past my ears. The pinkness around the eye lid is always there with a slight itch. I would not recommend this prodect as it needs more research before giving to the public. I have discontinued using this product. There are side affects they do not tellyou.
ohhh my wow 7528anon i would definitely call latisse.Allergan and inform them of your side effects, it really could be i would not be surprised if that was the case, on the website you can inform them and hopefully they will follow up with you. a nurse followed up with me, too bad it occured either way but nonetheless at least they pretend to care ;)
Hi, I used latisse for over 7 months every day, and my eyelashes did grow longer and darker but not thicker. Last September I went on vacation for 2 weeks and didn't use latisse when I came back I just decided to stop using latisse for a few months and then go back on it. Well after the third week my eyelashes started to fall out one by one!!! It got so bad that I had spots where there were no eyelashes and it was noticeable!! On top of everything the new eyelashes that were coming out were thin and weak becasue they fell off when they were still very short!! Up until now, that is after 6 months, my eyelashes are still not back to normal. I still have spots were there are no eyelashes. I don't know if this side effect is because I used latisse that long, but if anybody knows a solution on how to grow my normal eyelashes back I would really appreciate it!
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