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I have constant neck and shoulder pain-that I am...

I have constant neck and shoulder pain-that I am sure would be relieved with a reduction. I have a couple of concerns. SCARRING!!!! I don't want huge scars! & I worry about my lungs due to my asthma & the general anesthesia.
Anybody have any expert advise or encouragement???
I really would appreciate input by those who have already experienced it...


Hey girlie!!

I can honestly say that the results far out weigh the scar issues.  Most of thee scars are hidden under the breast.  Plus with proper scar treatment and care they will heal well.  

I also have mild asthma and did not have any issues.  They asked me to bring my inhaler with me on surgery day.  They were aware of my condition and were ready to deal with it if necessary.  You will meet with the anesthesia before your surgery and they discuss everything with you.  They take super good care of you.  

Imagine your life pain free from large breasts:)   When I woke up in recovery I could feel the difference the minute I sat up.  
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THANK YOU How would you suggest I go about researching the "right" doctor? There is a popular one that I have been told "treats it like a factory line!" and then there are others that I haven't heard of-which can go either way. I want someone to obviously know what they are doing, but also takes pride in their work while also keeping the client first!!!!
You really need to go in for at least 3 consults with Board Certified Surgeons.  Start by looking at doctors here on RealSelf in your area.  Then read the profiles of patients on the site.  Look at pictures of their work, and make contact with them for questions.  

It really comes down to how you feel when you meet them.  Trust your gut and it will lead you to the right decision.  Check out this link on North Carolina Doctors.
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