31yrs Old, 3 Kids, TT Scheduled

So, I went for my second consult today, and have 3...

So, I went for my second consult today, and have 3 more tomorrow. I am sold on the procedure of a tummy tuck with lipo but I refuse to have general anesthesia. I found a lovely doctor in National Harbor who does IV sedation but you still are put to sleep, just no tubes. You hear about TT with local, with spinals, I just would love anyone who has done a TT without GENERAL to please contact me and share the pros and cons. Please! I appreciate it as I make a decision!!!

Has anyone opted for SmartLipo over a TT?

Hi all! So I have literally been combing through a bunch of surgeons and while a tummy tuck would be the best option I can't be down right now for 10-20 days. I think getting smart lipo triplex from a board certified plastic surgeon would improve the area and wonder if any of you have been told you needed a TT or would get best result from TT but opted for SL instead? Let me know! Thanks!

Scheduled for a Tummy Tuck! Mom of 3

So I have decided to move forward with the tummy tuck! I just can't keep looking at my body like this. I'm only 31! I have selected Dr. Bruno in Chevy Chase who has been very nice to deal with thus far. His staff is wonderful, especially Cara who schedules the procedures. I am really hoping this procedure makes me feel better about myself, and even makes me a bit happier. I'm not sure that I have any 'feeling' about my body day to day, I consider myself a pretty confident person, but when I catch myself out of the shower, or getting dressed, it troubles me. When the doctor tells you that what you are seeing can't be fixed with exercise, that its your muscles protruding, I mean, what's left. I just pray to God that he brings me through safely and that the results are happy ones! Let the countdown begin!

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Dr Bruno

He is a very nice man! Seems confident in his abilities and even though not very animated gives off a sense of strength which is comforting.

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Congrats on your decision! I had my TT done with IV sedation... I cannot think of any cons to IV sedation. If you have ever had oral surgery (wisdom teeth removed) its exactly like that. You don't remember going to sleep and when you wake, it feels like its just minutes that have passed. I believe that when you have general anesthesia, it always requires a hospital stay. maybe not overnight but you have to go to the hospital to have the surgery. It also usually brings the price of your sx up because you need an anesthesiologist. FTA had smartlipo... her results are phenomenal, and covergirl had her tt under general anesthesia... I hope this helps! good luck to you hun, and keep us posted on your journey!!
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Thank you so much MXandM's Mommy, I appreciate your report! I'm just a mom of 3 little kids so I want to be around for them is all!
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The general was no problem and my procedure wasn't that expensive. If fact, it was lower than some of the prices that I have seen. The price was very comparable if not cheaper. I enjoyed having it done in a hospital setting. I felt much more safe and comfortable...just in case something goes wrong, I'm in the right place
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Welcome to the community.  Thank you for starting your journey here with us.

What scares you so much about general anesthesia?  
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