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I got lipo dissolve in 2 areas, my lower abdominal...

I got lipo dissolve in 2 areas, my lower abdominal and love handles it was very easy. The pain was minimal somewhere between a bee sting and a paper cut. I heard all of the stories about unbelievable pain, torture, inability to drive a car or maintain rational thought, and took precautions having someone else drive. What a big joke as far as discomfort, not only did I drive myself to and from, I also worked out the next morning. I have gotten a few bruises but nothing like the pain some people have described. The results are promising after just 1 treatment to each site on different days.
I had two areas done for 6 treatments each for $2300. Stomach is one area, legs the second area so it should be around the same price.
Needles don't really bother me either, but I am 5'2 and 130pds. I have gained 15pds and cant seem to drop the weight. I thought this would help. How much has it cost you again? I am considering my stomach and the back of my legs. I don't know. Thank you though.
Jessie did a wonderful job I really liked the results. You better not be afraid of needles because you do get jabbed a lot. The shots do not hurt in my opinion but I have tattoos so they bothered me less than the that. I would highly recommend the procedure but make sure you follow it up with cardio. It workd for me for some targeted fat removal but each person is different.
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