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Hi, I had Ultherapy done now ten days ago. I have...

Hi, I had Ultherapy done now ten days ago. I have started to feel a tad bit of tightening. I am worried about marks that started in the form of welts right after treatment. The office said they should go away in a few days...not to worry. I have iced and have been using arnica gel religiously. They now look like cat scratches on both sides of my neck where my glands are. They are getting smaller but I haven't read anything anywhere about others having this type of reaction. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I had welts and bruising after my ultherapy treatment. I found that ice and ibuprofen seemed to reduce the swelling. The red marks present after the swelling diminished, lasted about a month and a half but were easily camouflaged by makeup. Hope this helps.

I'll be curious to hear what other community members who have had Ultherapy say about this.

I'm glad to hear that the marks have continued to reduce in size though. That seems encouraging.

Here is a Q&A that you might find helpful until other users are able to share their experience with you;

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