TT in 3 Days! Trying to Warm my Cold Feet - Nashville, TN

I'm a 5'8 mother of three who, at present...

I'm a 5'8 mother of three who, at present (pre-tummy tuck), weighs 221 lbs (cringe). I'm not incredibly vain (oh, the irony in saying that), so this is a major thing for me to do for myself. My skin has some pretty good elasticity, so I'm expecting some good results. I know I won't be skinny - I don't even desire that. I just want my giant roll of skin gone.

I'm nervous about the whole process, and even called to talk to my surgeon today. I was very reassured. Now I have just a few days to wait it out.


I had dr Hueneke too! Couldn't be happier!
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Hey lady how,did it go
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I am 4 days PO, and I think the waiting was the worst part! I'm of similar height & weight and, like you, didn't do this to be "skinny." Although I can't take the binder off until I see the surgeon tomorrow, I can tell that the roll is gone! I used to hate lying on my side & having that skin just flop over...
Good luck!
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