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Very Much Needed TT After Having 11lb Baby - Nashville, TN

I had my TT done yesterday!! I can't believe I...

I had my TT done yesterday!! I can't believe I went through with it. I was so nervous in the hospital yesterday I came so close to calling it quits! But here I am, 24 hours later laying in bed recuperating! I find that is can be painful, but the pain killers make it that much better! Does any one know when the pain and discomfort wi stop? I have my before pics I will post once I have the after pics as well! I still haven't taken my binder off nor have.I seen what it looks like! I get to shower tomorrow so I will be taking the post op pictures then!!! Wish me luck! I pray my tummy will look like it did prior to getting pregnant :-) any tips from you ladies that have already been through this would be much appreciated! Any cream to help with the scar?

before pics

here is what i looked like after having my baby :(

pre op pics

this is me 4 days after my tt

I like the way my tummy is looking!! very excited! I know i'm still swollen and I have a long road ahead of me, but it will only get better!!!

Me 1 week post TT

Nashville Plastic Surgeon

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Congrats. ..Remember to walk walk walk n drink lots of water. ..
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Am happy with mine. So I trust u will too . The pain killers work but u will feel a little bit of discomfort lying down , standing and u will walk bent over for few days. I encourage u to take short walks very often . U are in good spirit , I wish u well.
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Hi Cindy that you for responding! There is discomfort when I lay or get up out of bed. I also walk a bit bent over as I feel my skin pulled down, Tomorrow i get to take my first shower and will be able to see my scars for the first time! I am trying not to pass out when I see them lol
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