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Hi all! I had WLS 1/2011 I lost 100lb, I started...

Hi all! I had WLS 1/2011 I lost 100lb, I started walking the day I woke up from surgery. 1st I walked the halls of the hospital, then I walked to the end of my street and within 1 month of surgery I was walking 2.5 miles. Within 6 months I was going to the gym and walking 5 miles 5 days a week. My plan was to follow my dr's orders to the T and hopefully not have any hanging skin. (before surgery he told me my skin would shrink back, I was young.) I am now almost 2.5 years out and my poor ta-ta's have went from a D to a large A, my belly has some saggy skin. I guess I had this vision of what my body would look like after I met my weightloss goal, and now that I have met my goal my body doesn't look like I thought it would. So for my husband and my 19th wedding anniversary he is paying for my mommy makeover. I am not decided on the shape of implants or how big I am going to go but I am leaning toward silicone, I am having a breast lift and full tummy tuck with lipo and muscle tightening. I have a very high tollerance for pain, but I am scared that the pain after the surgery will be unbearable. Plus I am allergic to every pain killer except dilaudid, I am a little concerned that I will become addicted to the pills. Any feed back or tips would be greatly appreciate!

12 days til mommy makeover

12 days till my mommy makeover. ..had my pre op w/ surgeon last Monday...I'm excited but scared of how much pain I will be in when I wake up...
San Antonio Dermatologist

My consult was free so I didn't expect Dr. Davis to spend a lot of time with me until I scheduled surgery. Boy was I wrong, he spent 2.5 hrs with me going over everything! His staff was great also.. I have called several times before I scheduled my surgery with other questions and Dr. Davis' nurse always took time to speak with me and make sure I was completely informed.

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Congrats to your amazing weightloss:-) . I am looking at a mommy Makeover in March and live in Nashville as well. Was curious how you are feeling and if you would recommend your doctor to someone or not...Hope thi finds you feeling fantastic and loving your body!
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Congrats girlie! So exciting :0D I wouldn't worry about addiction. Most girls are off pain killers by day 5. I don't think it's possible to become addicted that quickly, especially if u have never been addicted before. Good luck to u!
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Thank you :) Have you had a mommy makeover?
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Yes, I'm 7wks PO :0) check out my profile.
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I looked at your pics...you look great!!! How bad was the pain? That is what I am most affraid of
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I won't lie... The first 3-5 days are brutal! But, the reward is so wonderful! It's like having a baby, u forget the pain... Sleeping is the best way to pass the days. I was off all pain meds including Tylenol, by the end of the first week. My last Vicodin was 4 days po just at bedtime to help me sleep. The pain isn't as bad as ur expecting... Good luck!
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I'm excited for you! Sorry to hear about your sagging skin after weight loss (congrats on that!) but I think that's very common after losing so many pounds. Curious why you're concerned about getting addicted to pain pills? Do you have addiction in your past? If not, don't even worry about becoming dependent. Almost everyone uses them as they need them and then tries to get off as soon as possible as they do have some unpleasant side effects (constipation, spacey-ness).

Please keep us posted as you get nearer your big day! Do you have your supplies ready?

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Thank you! No I have never had an addiction problem, other then food..lol I have always heard that dilaudid is very addictive and I don't want to get hooked on them. My husband works 3rd shift and my oldest son (16) was going to be here to help me after surgery. We just found out he has been invited to a special basketball camp June 24-28. Of course he is going and I want him to go, but he was going to be my helper during the 1st cpl of days after surgery. We don't have any family here, as we just moved to TN in November 12'. So I am a little nervous! I am sure everything will come together and I am pretty tough, I came home from having my gallbladder removed and cleaned house so I am hoping I will be able to take care of myself for the most part.
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