Anyone Have a Fat Graft in Your Lips or Under Your Eyes? - Nashville, TN

I'm interested in getting fat grafts in my lips vs...

I'm interested in getting fat grafts in my lips vs. doing permalip implants in my lips and filler under my eyes. I've been reading up on the procedures and permalip is so new I'm unsure about it and the surgeons in my area don't have any pics from doing them but say on the websites that they perform them. I've read that the fat graft will stay; is that true the body want absorb the fat? How big is the chance if the fat loosing it's shape and getting "lumpy"?


Never, Never Ever have fat transfer to your tear trough. You have about a 15% to 20% chance of achieving good results. I wish I had known the poor odds. I have lumps and it's been two years. The surgeon used to much fat..
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Sorry you didn't end up with the results you were hoping for. It gets expensive having filler put in and I'm looking for a more permanent option but have seen a lot of pics and stories of it ending up in lumps so I think I'll stick with injectibles. Under my eyes have very little fat and the skin is really thin so my luck it wouldn't end up looking good. Thank you so much for you input; I appreciate it! :)
I have done both. I'm 2 months post op and loving the results. The surgeon plays huge role. Mine is not overdone and looks very natural. So far no lumpinness or anything uneven. Maybe I'm speaking too early. My doc said about 4 -6 months post op we can speak about permanent look.
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