Still Very Swollen and Feeling Like the Bride of Frankenstein...- Nashville, TN

I had surgery on my uppers and lowers Friday, May...

I had surgery on my uppers and lowers Friday, May 31st. I'm going in to get my stiches removed tomorrow. My upper lids are still very swollen between the incision and my lash line. I'm worried at this point that when I have to return to work in another week that it will be very obvious that I've had something done. I have not told many people, none of my co-workers, and at this point I would be horrified if anyone saw me in my current state. I am following all of the guidelines my Dr. has given me, but in looking at pictures of others in their recovery process, I seem to be much more swollen in comparison. Will removing the stiches help reduce the swelling?
Thank you for your message! Once I got the stitches out it made things a little better, but even at 3 weeks out tomorrow, I am still swollen and tender through my upper cheeks throught the eye area. I really hope my upper lids don't stay this way, it gives me a tired look like my eyes aren't open all the way. My lower lids have swelling too, but more on one side than the other. Bruising is pretty much gone, any left can be easily covered with make up. I sure hope in another month I'll be happy I did this. Today I'm still not sure. I definitely have an upper lid now whereas before it my puffy lid went from my lashline to my eyebrow. I went to a very reputable ocular surgeon who only works on eyes. I am told that people fly in from Hollywood and that several Country Music stars here in Nashville have trusted their eyes to this doctor. I just have to trust she did all the right things and once my swelling is gone, I will look great.
So how are your eyes doing? My eyes definitely were better when the stitches came out.  They started to get slightly inflamed were trying to heal over the stitches after 5 days (the ones I had were 5-7 day ones and I got them out on day 7).  When they got taken out, it felt SO much better instantly and my inflammation went down the same day.  My eyes were super sensitive for the first few months, I didn't drink alcohol until 6 months after and the next day they were sooo puffy.  Also, it took months to "de-puff" in the mornings, much longer than normal.  Try sleeping slightly elevated to help with swelling-I got used to doing that from my bleph and my breast aug and still sleep that way now.  I think it definitely helps!
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