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I am 21 years old and got my implants a year ago....

I am 21 years old and got my implants a year ago. I am really sick of them! I was originally a small B and went to a DD. (375 cc) saline above the muscle. I went to a plastic surgeon today. Mr. Griffin said it wasn't a good idea and suggested putting a smaller implant in... but that just IS NOT what i want. I am trying to find other plastic surgeons that will do the procedure in nashville. I really need some help/past experiences and advice. Whats the difference of explant over and below the muscle? Will mine be more saggy?

Thanks.. pictures later!

Hi, I just explanted Oct 4th implanted above the muscle 700cc my original size was 36dd take a look at my pictures. The doc says if your nipple is een with your breast fold your nipple probably will point straight ahead. so put fingers under your breast and meet up with your thumb pinch together, is your nipple in the same place as your thumb? if so you should be :) I hope this makes sense?
Your skin is capable of amazing things. Get those implants out. If they are actually saggy, stuff them into beautiful bras and plan for a lift ;) Once a woman hates her implants, she doesn't usually become ok with them. Don't waste years hating your breast implants like I did. I hardly think of my breasts anymore which is such a relief. I tried going smaller too (really wanted them out); doctor went smaller by only 75cc's. Another lesson learned: don't trust the doctor to choose the cc size, they are used to women who want to "go BIG".
Mine were 390cc over the muscle and I had them for 8 years. Keep looking for a doctor that your comfortable with, I was told I would look terrible, have empty saggy breasts, but I'm not like that at all. I am small and a bit flat but I have a normal looking breast and that was my biggest fear, being deformed like the docs said.

Ok, I talked with my PS the other day and he went...

Ok, I talked with my PS the other day and he went over ways to get them taken out.
1. Local (i would only be given a valium and he would numb the spot)
2. IV sedation...
I don't know what to do!
any advice would help....
I just dont want to feel any pain...
someone said you are awake still with IV sedation is that true?
It just depends on how much anesthesia they put in the IV as to how "awake" you are. If you have "twilight sedation" you are still technically awake but just very, very relaxed and you can't feel anything because they numb the area.
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