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I Have scheduled my breast augmentation after...

I Have scheduled my breast augmentation after seeing 3 different plastic surgeons. I am 5ft 5in and weigh 162 lbs. I carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs. I currently wear a 34C in VS. I have not worn any other brand in 5 years. If the VS bra isn't padded, I dont completely fill out the C cup. My breast width is 13. My goal is a D cup. I'm looking at 390cc filled to 420cc and 420cc filled to 450cc. I don't want to go too large. I don't want DDs. I tried on sizers in the office, and the 450cc made me fill out the D bra that they had me try on. Are they accurate. I also did the sizers on the computer at another office and liked the 420cc, but we didn't try the 450. The ps I am using recommended the 450. Please help! Has anyone been through this that is close to my ht, wt, bw???
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Sounds like you're almost ready. Have you shared wish boob pictures with your doctor? Often times when you're trying to determine the last few cc's, it's helpful for your doctor to know the overall look you're trying to achieve. She/he can then decide the final size. Feel free to post any before pictures and some wish boob pictures too!

You might also find it helpful to get additional support and feedback by joining this forum of women who are getting their BAs in August 2014. Keep us posted!
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