The twins have arrived!

So I went in September 12th for my breast...

So I went in September 12th for my breast augmentation consultation! I was bouncing nervously / excitedly all day! I went in and was greeted by a sweet receptionist that made you feel very welcome. I met the nurse right after.. love her! I didn't wait long at all before seeing Dr.Hueneke. He was friendly. I was instantly comfortable. I went into the room to try on the cc inserts. It was awesome! Put these babies on and bam you have an idea what size you'll be. Such a great experience. We have decided on round, silicone gummy bears. I would like 450 cc's but he said my frame is so small we may only get 400 cc's. I'm just excited to have something there :)

Since then I've been trying to secure financing..well I think I finally have! I've been told it's all been approved! The paperwork just needs to get done between company and Dr's office :) I'M SOOO EXCITED!

medical financing

Has anyone gone through If so, how'd it go?

Finally scheduled!

Finally after after dreaming about this for years I'm getting my boobs! I just scheduled my surgery for March 4! I am so excited and so ready!

almost there!

Two weeks until the big day! I'm so excited!

Tuesday is the day!

Just a couple more days until my big day! Of course I'm sure I'm forgetting to get something!

The twins have arrived!

The twins have arrived! I no longer have pancake boobies! The staff was great the hospital was beautiful! I can't be anymore in impressed and grateful!

I arrived at 1130 to do paperwork and get the IV. He came in and marked on my chest. When they came to get me I was out soon after. I couldn't be happier! I haven't gotten a great look at them but the feel and cleavage are amazing!

First full day with my new boobs!

Had my surgery yesterday! I'm still doing really well! Very little pain. There has been a little tightness here and there but nothing bad. I out of habit shut the truck door. That was a bad deal but the pain didn't last long. I folded a load of laundry that want good either.i knew better. I just hate sitting still. I'll be staying put now. I missed a pain pull by 2 hours and still felt fine. I've been taking them regularly just in case. I'm extremely happy with my results, doctor, and hospital. Last night my doctor called to check on me and the hospital called today as well. We were able to the cc's I wanted. 450 in one 425 in the other! I love my boobies!

new side boob shot

3 days old :)

The twins are three days old and I'm loving them! They are prefect! I haven't had much pain at all from my boobs. I had a really bad migraine last night and when it got to the point where I couldn't stand it i went in. I was told most likely it was from the anesthesia.
Other than the migraines I haven't been in much pain. I've been icing my boobs a lot. It helps. They feel so real and so great! I could not have asked for better results.

2 weeks post op

2 weeks have gone by and I absolutely love them! The girls have softened and dropped beautifully. I couldn't have asked for better results. I went into Victoria secret and got measured at a 34DD. I love it! I'm not sure if that is my final size but if so I'm happy! If I drop to a D I'll be just as happy. My Dr is absolutely amazing. My choice in doctor and size were perfect!
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