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I am 22 with two beautiful girls, 4 and 1. I am...

I am 22 with two beautiful girls, 4 and 1. I am married to an amazing man. I used to be a size C then after having two children and losing lots of weight, I'm not even considered a cup size!! To me that's like owning a BMW then trading it for a station wagon! I went to see a plastic surgeon yesterday and I had a budget set up, but it's 1k more than what I want to pay. I could bring it down to the amount I want but I would have to get saline implants and since my breast tissue is very thin it could have an ugly outcome. My husband is more than willing to spend the extra and not purchase other things we want. But I think that would seem selfish of me. I mean I don't need this done, but I want it. I feel less of a woman without breast. Can't wear a bathing suit or even a low cut top confindently. I am very conflicted on what to do. I know in the end I will be happy I did it, but I HATE spending money, especially if it's on myself.

Anyways the consultation went well. We decided a 400-450 cc implant will be best, and done under the muscle. I thought it was amazing how the surgeon took one look at my breast and knew exactly what I needed done, and what he suggested was exactly what I was looking for!! I feel very confident in this surgeon that he will do his best to make me look the best, if I go through with it.

Many moms feel exactly the way you do...always putting herself last. And that's what makes you a great mom. But, I've also learned that if "Mamma ain't happy, nobody is happy". I recommend my patients make the extra investment now to get the look they desire. You don't want to have a subpar outcome and second guess your decision everytime you look in the mirror. You mentioned cars above...So if you are going for the BMW, why not get the sunroof as well, and REALLY enjoy it? This additional investment in yourself will pay for itself many times over with your satisfaction in the results. Good Luck.
I did have the same problem after 4 kids and lsoing what little I had after menopause..
I finally took my scant saving as I live on social security as a widow. I got saline und muscle and am so happy that at 69 I fianlly feel like a real woman and can wear swim suit and other clothes and they fit properly. I am sure you won't regret looking the best you can be. Best of luck..

My two cents: Just spend the extra grand and get exactly what you want. You're young and you'll earn more money! Do you have a surgery date set yet?

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