This Senior Gal Has No Regrets

At age 66 and a new widow I needed the lift to...

At age 66 and a new widow I needed the lift to keep me on par with all the other single gals.

The surgery was not too painful but it wasn't as fun as making snow angels either. Honestly, when did you ever have surgery with no recovery pain. The worst part for me was the bruising that hung around way too long, like all my bruises.

No one knows I had the surgery because my doctor did as I ask: improve but don't remake the face.

I can't say the surgery has gotten me a new hubby or even a lot of dates but I enjoy what I see in the mirror. My self-esteem has greatly improved.

This procedure is like having my appendix removed: worth it but never want a repeat.

Recommendation: do it if it doesn't bankrupt you. Then go have some fun!


Sorry, I just found your message today. Yes, I went to Coolsprings office, Dr. A did the surgery. I am in my late 6o's so it took me some time to heal, worrisome then but not unbearable. I am still very pleased with the results almost a year later. I couldn't have the eye surgery at same time due to excess swelling, that is next on my agenda. I say if you are healthy and need a morale boost ... go for it. Looking in the mirror becomes good news rather than dread. Let me know how you are doing. One more thing: I think it is wonderful you lost the weight and want to continue improvements. What a great woman you are!

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I also live in Nashville and have an appointment for this coming Saturday, 5-22-10, to be evaluated. I have lost 50 pounds and really need my neck and chin done, and right eye that has been drooping for sometime, making me look like I am always mad. Very distressing to me. My Question to you is, did you go to their office on Coolsprings Blvd in Franklin in the Aspen Grove Office Complex? I was SOOO excited, until reading all of the bad experienced people have had. Can you give me any guidance? Will I have the same Dr. Attica you did, do you think? Please, if you can, help erase the fears I now have. Thank you. Joan
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I too am getting nervous about having my LSL. Did you have it done and how was your experience?
Dr. Attia (sorry about the spelling)

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