Need Help with Hyperpigmentation After Laser Skin Resurfacing and Microdermabrasion Treatments - Nashville, TN

After the laser treatments, many freckles have...

After the laser treatments, many freckles have disappeared and my overall skin tone is better but that was not my concern. The hyperpigmentation may have lightened up slightly but it still very obvious when I don't wear makeup. Help!

I have very fair skin and have some hyperpigmentation on my face with some very minor scarring due to acne. The spots are light pink and the scars are hardly noticeable. I have had three microdermabrasion treatments and have had three AFT laser skin rejuvanation treatments and the pink spots are still there. What can I do to get rid of these spots for good?


Discoloration due to acne scarring can typically be cleared up with an IPL laser or a Q-Switch Yag. This is a very common treatment that we prescribe after laser skin resurfacing if discoloration occurs. This kind of post inflamatory hyperpigmentation usually shows up as a pink or brown discoloration. It's kind of hard to say without seeing a picture which of the two lasers I mentioned above would best treat your condition ... but hopefully this advice will help.
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I'm having the same problem, however, my brown discoloration happened after receiving the Q-switch Yag laser. I do the Q-switch to get rid of my freckles and age spots. I do this laser treatment once a year and it has always worked perfect but this time I look worse than I did before! How can it be corrected? Will a microderm treatment help remove it? It's been one week since post treatment. Much of the skin flaked off when washing with a wash cloth on days 4 and 5. My skin is dry but not flaking like before. I have a picture but don't know where to attach for you to view. Any help is appreciated :)
i have the same problem, but my hyperpigmentation is browm, dont know what to do!! help!!
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