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Hi, I am 26 yrs old female that just had co2 deep...

Hi, I am 26 yrs old female that just had co2 deep fx just two weeks ago for acne scars. Okay the 1st day after vist alittle burning but the next 3 days were horrable itching and dryness and couldn't fall asleep. The skin started to come off around the second and third day but some areas still seemed white or seemed like they didn't help and now I have what looks like red lines or scatches on face, and I still see some acne scars they gave me steroid cream and a steroid shot that I have now been on for 6 days to help heal, it looks somewhat better but still really worried about red lines taking long time to go way.

I heard about a new product called lumixyl brighting system and slikpeels,and intense pulsed light that can help but don't know how long I have to wait before I can try them (hopfuly soon)!!!!!!!!!!


I had DeepFX done on 3 areas of my face over Thanksgiving 2011 and it's now July 5th and I have not gotten rid of my scarring or what was orginally red lines from the deep fx...my doctor said it was pigmentation but it's really dark in the 3 areas where the lazer was and I don't know what to do....can anyone help? I went in to get rid of a few acne scars and now my face is so much worse...I wish that I had never done this!!
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Hi I'm in Nashville to. I also am thinking about Doing this laser treatment. How did it end up for you? I haven't heard good things about Dr. Gold . I am checking around.His prices are really high . What was you final outcome?Thankyou!
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How is it now? Have the red lines gone away?
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Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon

answered all my questions good patient follow up and good prices and courtesy ask to speak to ann she great made me feel better even though I look like a monster. haha

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