Severe Pain in Abs Mild Discomfort Flanks - Nashville, TN

Severe pain in abs. Mild Discomfort on flanks....

Severe pain in abs. Mild Discomfort on flanks. Free service post lipo for uneveness. See below for pain treatment. Hopefully the pain will be worth it. It was so bad couldn't do anything but keep clothing off the area and ice it still 10 days later. I am only 10 days post sculpt. I am 1 in 100 that had nerve pain post sculpt. If you are one of them too ask for LidoDerm patches. Took my pain from a 9/10 to 2-3/10. Also taking neurontin, toradal, steroid shot. LidoDerm controls the pain great.


Still in pain. No results yet. The dr says 6 weeks before you see results.
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How are you feeling now? Can you see any results yet?

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