No Nipples After Breast Reduction for Sever Ptosis! Help!

I had a breast reduction about 6 years ago. i had...

i had a breast reduction about 6 years ago. i had severe ptsosis and i was only 18 at the time.

now i have no nipples and i am extremely self conscious about it. is there any type of nipple implant surgery around?

Updated on Jan 24, 2010
i was 18 at the time and had severe ptosis and back pain. my breast were very heavy and saggy. please help with answers. thanksis there anyway i can have some sort of nipple implant? after i had my breast reduction, i have no nipples! this is making me extremely self conscious. please reply. thanks
wow, how much? is it effective? do you know any sites with before and after photos?
The are multiple techniques to reconstruct nipples including a graft/implant method.
Yes nipples can be reconstructed. There are several techniques.Consult a Board Certified PS
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