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Can't believe I finally had my boob job. The...

Can't believe I finally had my boob job. The pain is not that bad right now im 2 day post op. Had it done tuba over the muscle. Not sure of the cc just told him I wanted a full D.

Im a little concerned about my left breast bc it is more swollen than the right. I hope it goes down soon. Has anyone experienced this issue? Will try to find a before picture

Hello Ashley. Well im 4 days post op. my boobies are SWOLLEN! I have been keeping ice on them. Doesn't really help, theyre still swollen. I does help with the pain. I have been faithly sleeping on my back. I have 5 pillows that I prop my self on. I sit that was in bed or on couch. My implants are completely under the muscle. I also had a bennili lift. I'm. Of sure how many cc's. I have DD's-was a small C. We discussed 600cc's, but dont know. I have I made that up to my doctor b/c he knew what I wanted. I do have saline. I'm also swollen anderneath my arms too, but it's even. I have a lot of girlfriends that have enhanced boobies. I was told to not sleep on sides b/c it will mess with them while there settling. My doctor is Jeffrey Jones in Hendersonville. He did a wonderful job. Having the pillows that was also helps me to get up of get out of the bed. I have been told B/A over the muscles is quicker recovery time V.S under the muscle.
Who was your doctor any pictures?

Welcome to RealSelf, Ashley.

Asymmetrical swelling can be totally normal. Are you sleeping on your side? This can also cause swelling to pool on one side.

Hope you're doing well! Please keep us posted on your progress.

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Still early in post op.. probably just post op blues

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