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Pros: Dr C did exactly what I asked him...keep my...

Pros: Dr C did exactly what I asked him...keep my nose natural, just more balanced and refined. He gave me a very natural, appropriate nose. Also, I had little to no pain after surgery.

Cons: Extensive and prolonged swelling, but this is due to my age (middle) and thickness of my tissue. Dr C has assured me that with time and patience the swelling will subside, but it has been much more than I bargained for...however, if I could do it all over again, I would.


I am so glad that you love your new nose! Do you have any before and after pictures to post?
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Sorry, I am not comfortable posting pix of myself on line. However, I will tell you that I am happier and happier with my nose everyday as the swelling goes down and the definition ramps up!

I had my rhinoplasty when I was 47, so I asked Dr. C for minimal change. I wanted the same nose, only more balanced and refined. My main problem was a droopy tip, which seemed more noticible to me as I aged.

My goal was to not have anyone know for sure that anything had changed, just that they noticed I looked better.

After extensive research and a meeting with Dr. Constantian, I completely trusted that he could make this happen, and he did.

Just last week a "summer" friend who had not seen me since last year, mentioned that I looked younger...was I doing Botox she asked. Nope, no Botox, just a subtle, yet effective nose job!
Hi Juliebee, It is so wonderful to hear how happy you are with Dr C. I am the same age, and have a very similar problem with my nose. reading your post was like reading something I would write! How long has it taken for the swelling and bruising to look normal enough to be seen without people doing a double take? I have a very busy life and don't want the world judging me for doing this. . .
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