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I have always wanted to have my nose reshaped. It...

I have always wanted to have my nose reshaped. It has bothered me as far back as I can remember. After meeting the Doctor I felt comfortable that now was the time to have the procedure. Now that I am in the 3rd week of recovery, I wish I would have had the prodedure dones years ago...however maybe years ago I would not have had the fantastic results. The Doctor did an amazing job making my nose smaller and making my profile something I was not embarassed about. This procedure has changed the way I feel about myself and the way that I look. Now when you look at me, my nose is not the first thing you see.

Sorry I did it too. It was a long time ago but I hate to look in the mirror still some 20 years later. I had a Roman nose. Not too big. Just tipping down at the tip a bit. Especially when I smiled. The doc I chose was spending thousands on media advertisement to make him look like he was the best. He wasn't. He wasn't even good. He was a new doc with lots of money to spend on advertising. Both he and his nurse had sun tans so dark that I wondered how they could be in the skin business and not know they were damaging their skin. Instead of just making the modest change to the tip I needed, he broke my nose and made it into a nose that is too small for my face. I can't tell you how awful...and obvious it looks. Almost freakish. After this, I can tell when someone has had a nose job going by in a fast car. Most of them look like they don't belong on the face they're on. I've seen a few good ones. But VERY few. I read somewhere that there is more disatisfaction with this procedure than any other plastic surgery. Now that's not all. The doctor left a whole in my septum that you could see daylight through if I tipped my head to the side. It was about the size of a pea. I went to 3 other doctors to ask if they could fix it and they wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Dr. sh--head offered to fix it but I would have to pay all the hospital costs and anethsia costs etc., etc. He'd offer his services for free. Such a deal!!!! I wouldn't let him touch me. Several years later I went to visit a friend in Brazil and had a face lift there by Dr. Ronan Horta in Belo Horizonte. When I mentioned the whole in my septum he said "No problem. I'll fix that while doing your face lift." There was no extra charge. He closed that hole and even attempted to build out the bridge and tip of my nose with cartilege he took from my ear but a few days after my surgery, my body rejected the cartilege and he had to remove it....which he did...right in his office while I was awake. Can you believe it? And it hurt only for a nano second while I squeezed his nurses hand. The treatment and follow-up I got in Brazil was far superior than what I got here. My face lift was natural looking and great. But it's been many years and I need another. I'm less risk prone now that I am older and I don't have the money to go back to Brazil. I'd love to find someone of Dr. Horta's caliber here in the Boston area.
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