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I have always had a large nose and have been made...

I have always had a large nose and have been made of for it for as long as I can remember. It was something that always made me self conscious to the point that I would never let people see my profile and I would do anything to avoid getting attention drawn to myself. I had broken my nose twice when I was about 15 and got a deviated septum as a result. When I was 17 I started having breathing problems and decided to look into corrective surgery. I visited probably 3 or 4 doctors before I found the doctor I decided to go with and the experience was horrible.

I was so nervous before my surgery (more for the needles than anything) but the hospital staff and my doctor did a fantastic job of helping me through everything. I went home two hours after my surgery and was in bed for about two days before I was able to be up and around. I had almost no swelling or bruising and didn't need any pain medication after the second day. The staff at the clinic and my doctor were phenomenal. I am so happy I made the decision I did, my confidence has never been better and I couldn't be happier with the results.

you look amazing! your nose looks very natural and it fits your face. congrats! =) I am 18 and I am getting a nose job soon because my nose is very crooked. I hope I get good results like you.

I'm so glad you got this done while you're young! Now you have so many years to enjoy the results! Yay, you!

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He was so understanding and pleasant the minute I walked in the door. He knew exactly what I wanted/needed and didn't set any unrealistic expectations. Even the day after the surgery he called himself to see how I was doing and I was really impressed with that.

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