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After thinking about a breast lift for over 10...

After thinking about a breast lift for over 10 years, decided after meeting this team to do it. So glad I did! Did not go crazy with the size, actually am close to the size of bra I wore before but had to fake! Did not have the fullness I have now. I so love the look of my breasts now and never have before! I would say the only con is cost but my husband and I feel it was so worth it! Pain really was only mild. Slight burning sensation under breasts for a few weeks but it would come and go. Really only took advil once in awhile after the first three days! Why did I wait so long?!

Naples Plastic Surgeon

Dr. H and his staff are truly great people! After meeting another Dr. who I felt fluffed off my concerns, I did not have high hopes for another Dr. I am so glad I kept my appt. Very discreet, professional, and they listen! Dr. H really tries to get in your head so he really can give you what you want. I never felt as if I was part of an assembly line of patients being seen! Truly if you are near Naples, give this Dr. and his team a chance. You won't regret it.

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Hooray! I'm so glad you're thrilled. It sounds like you were really comfortable with your surgeon and that he treated you well.

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