Silicone Implants - Not Worth It - REMOVED in 10 Weeks - Naples, FL

The amount spent was to put them in. My doctor...

The amount spent was to put them in. My doctor charged me nothing to remove them. I was so unhappy, in pain and miserable. I also work in the medical community and no doctor likes an unhappy colleague. Had been warned by another plastic surgeon I would not be happy. Athletic, frame with much more muscle than average woman though I wear size 4 pants/skirt, but need a 6 shirt/dress. AFTER the implants, nothing fit... not even at nine weeks. My entire closet was off limits. The pain and swelling were much worse than most people talk about or evidently experience. The implants were too large and I looked like a playboy bunny. All sports became impossible... lifting, swimming, anything active and they hurt for days after any activity, even food shopping. I was a small B pre surgery (two children, nursing and bodybuilding had taken down the full C's which I was trying to get back). Intead I got D's which didn't seem to be going down much even at 10 weeks. I could feel the implant even though under the muscle.

Had always contemplated getting them done to look better naked and not need a "padded air" bra. They also made me sick. Suppressed my immune system, had what would seem to be unrelated physical ailments, such as diarrhea, breaking nails, heavy fatigue. They've been out one week and already feel 70% back to myself, though have 4-6 weeks of healing to do before am back where I started.

Unless you are REALLY flat chested or deformed, as some of my friends who had them done, I really don't recommend this surgery. I had done due diligence and knew exactly what was going to take place. Having had 16 other surgeries on various body parts - only a few minor elective ones - the rest major... hip replacement, knee reconstruction, shoulder, foot, etc. etc. This was definitely unpleasant to have done and horrible to recover from for me personally. Frankly I'm amazed having gone through it that so many women do it. The money is better spent on a fabulous vacation!


I too, would not recommend this surgery! I had breast augmentation surgery in Sept 2010 and still have pain. I, like you, have always been very active. I have not been able to work out at all since the surgery.. cant even do a push up. I am so unhappy with my results! I also was a B cup and ask for only 1 size larger..i am now wearing a D cup and cant find cute little swimsuits or bra's that fit. My doctor made the comment before my surgery, that most women wish they had gone larger and I feel he took it upon himself to go larger than the one cup size i had asked for. I have not approached my doctor yet with my unhappiness. i keep thinking the pain might go away and i will be able to get back to my normal self, but at this point I'm doubting it. Do Not have this surgery if you are active at all!! You will not be able to comfortably do any physical activity.

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Thanks for sharing your experience - sorry it didn't turn out like you expected.  It's great for women to hear both happy and unhappy experiences so they can make informed decisions.  Do you think it would have made a difference if you went for the C's?  Also I'm curious if your breasts were different than before after the implants were removed.  Thanks again for sharing.

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