Chemical Peel, Tough but Worth It

A very tough procedure both mentally and...

A very tough procedure both mentally and physically. This is not an easy thing to go through and I have had several other cosmetic surgeries in the past. The result was worth it, but you need to be very prepared mentally to take this on. The pain is manageable, but there are aspects that are challenging and painful. The cleaning that has to be done several times a day was the most painful part for me. I took two weeks off work and three would have been better. I felt OK on week 2 but I was still a little uncomfortable being out in public even with the makeup.

In the end I would do this again as the result is great.


I looked at his web site. She probably had the croton oil peel. Those are pretty intense!
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Is chemical peel treatment advisable for people with deep acne scar problem?

If yes, how long does it take or how many treatment does it usually take to do so?
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5000! My goodness! I'm thinking it may have been one of those really deep ones that require anesthesia.
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Naples Plastic Surgeon

The entire staff is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. The were great with my fears, concerns, and questions. Dr H was very attentive to my needs and also very compassionate during the times I was struggling. I have used other Dr's in other states, he is at the top of my lists and would refer family or friends to him any time.

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