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Preparing for a Face Lift and Doing Research for a Speedy Recovery -Napa, CA

I am busy researching my options on face lifts, I...

I am busy researching my options on face lifts, I have narrowed down my prospective doctors. I am now doing research on the recovery and how long i will be home bound for and i heard of this product called ice2recover and was wondering if anyone has used it to help with the swelling? I really don't want to put dirty bags of peas or have to hold anything on my face as I hear its painful and just want to sleep, what else can i use for post surgery swelling.This product seems fordable but was wondering if anyone else has used this in place of bags of peas

Got my mask what else do i need

So I am almost done researching everything and getting everything I need for my April surgery I feel excited i even want to push the date up.
I received this I bought two just in case it cools off I have the back up, i have been using it with my hot flashes i love the product and I think its going to work great after the surgery for the swelling.
I was told to get arnica anyone tell me more about if this works?
I know i will be resting at a angle lucky i have the bed one can adjust anything else cause I really want to heal fast I dont want to be locked in the house for 6 weeks
What did you use to heal faster?
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Thanks for all the comments I have placed my order after much review on the product and I think it will do the job, honestly i think anything is better than bags of peas
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Hi Michellet, A friend of mine had a lift done before me and bought the ice2recover mask, she only bought one and she swore by the product so when I was about to go in I purchased 2 just in case and it was the best $30 I spent for the recovery, even my doctor was impressed and how fast the swelling went down. I put mine in the freezer just for a few minutes before I used them to give me longer cooling feeling. I am all done using the product and I still use it ever morning.I have photographs on this site on how i used the product. Good luck, ask them to send you extra barrier cloths yours will get full of blood and you don't want to bother re using them..Be prepared to be indoors for a while so get movies and books to read.
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i just don't want to hassle with hold anything to my face, as I am sure and have been told it will be painful and will need to rest and have heard good things about the ice2recover gel mask. Thanks for sharing this with me I will buy 2 and try them and report back, I do have ice pack in case and looking for other things that will make my healing faster, any suggestions I really don't want to be stuck in the house for 6 weeks I will go crazy. I am looking to do this in April
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I hope you'll use this space to keep us updated on your journey. What other supplies have you gathered so far?
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Hi Michellet! I bought two of them and used one once! They cool off too quickly. Truly liked the peas the best, and also the "pea like" cold packs. Good luck!
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