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Terrible Pain Not During Injections, During Miradry Procedure! - Nampa, ID

At first I was a little worried the injections...

At first I was a little worried the injections were going to hurt. Turns out the shots weren't that bad. When the procedure began there was a great sensation of burning. I had a couple of sessions where I had to stop while it was sucking due to intolerable pain. Other times in certain areas I wouldn't feel a thing. Not looking forward to my next visit in three months.

I'm so glad you started your story. I'm really sorry to hear that you felt discomfort during the procedure. Do you mind me asking if you have ever noticed yourself having a hard time getting numb for other things, such as dental procedures?

I have never dealt with any pain at the dentist. I've had my wisdom teeth removed, didn't go under, not a problem. I also knocked out my front teeth and that dentist trip was practically painless. I'm thinking that the lidocaine they gave me needed a second to take effect, they started with the machine immediately following. I don't think I'll do the second session unless I can get some more lidocaine. It was like a burning pinching sensation. At first I thought I might just be a whimp, turns out most people's least favorite part was the injections and I had no problem with them.
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