Explant in 3 Days - Nacogdoches, TX

Finally having my implants removed after having...

Finally having my implants removed after having them 3 months and realizing it was the biggest mistake of my life. I will be having them removed through original scars (armpits) under general anesthesia. Can anyone tell me what to expect the after the explant? Very nervous...but I know I am making the right decision. I can't wait to feel free again. My doctor said the recovery will be a breeze.


I'm going to have my implants removed after 2 months, through my armpits too. How are you doing?
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Hello, how was everything? did you got explant?
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Yes I got the explant on Febuary 20th. I felt immediate relief. Even though most women love them, the best thing I can say is follow your heart. They never felt a part of me from day one, and I have no regrets. I wanted them out 10 days after I got them and my surgeon made me wait 3 months.
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