Happy with my New Tum

My op was very good experience from start to...

my op was very good experience from start to finish. good care in hospital and good follow up consultations. I am very happy with my new tum.

I had Tummy Tuck 5 weeks ago. With effort i can stand straight, although things still feel tight. is this completely normal, i think it is?


Hi ambebs i have some papers that i printed last year going to get them two give you the website at the time you can google fuller leg i think or something like bigger calfs, this is where doctors and muscle to your calf to make your leg appear larger and doctors says that it works i am still in serch my self i will get back to you very soon and please get back to me betterme Houston Tx.
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who was your tt provider. Can we please see s photo, i am particularly concerned about scarring. You say your scar is small
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he is a genius. very small scar and good results

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