Home Single Needling and Dermarolling

I'm only starting this review because I'm doing it...

I'm only starting this review because I'm doing it at home and just started. After much research and debate, I'm pretty sure my plan is to dermaroll once every week, and then single needle the deep, static "11"'s between my brows. This will be my only area of treatment for now. Will comment if that changes.


how is your progress so far I have 11 line and crows feet and I am tired of paying for fillers. If there is another option I would love that
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I always like to pass along good information when I find it - I'm not affiliated in any way I've just been a consumer like everyone here trying to find accurate info. Please google Dr. Vaughter's rollers - (this site doesn't allow posting actual web site addresses) you'll get an education on rollers vs pens/stamps, when to use individual needles/stamps, quality of rollers and why important, protocols for all type of issues/needs (you don't have to trial-and-error this yourself - she's done it from the size of needles to use, rolling/stamping frequency, skin prep, products to use after, sanitizing the roller, and what to look for along the way.) I do my research before I begin anything new - it's all too easy to make impulse decisions and purchases. The roller is ALL important (has to be surgical stainless steel - anything else will rust and be a potential contaminant;) quality of the needles (spacing, nothing bent - remember these are micro needles so it's hard to know) and the cost is NOT the indicator of quality. Rolling technique and protocols can be learned from the site referenced above - if you follow the slow and steady rule you should be just fine. There are some thing that should be done only at an MDs office (deep peels, ANY laser), some things that estheticians do best (mild-medium peels, microdermabrasions, extractions) and then there are treatments well-suited for home - rolling/needling is one of them.
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How often are you going to "single needle treat" between your brows? I'm curious how much "down"time and recovery time is needed for this? Thanks.
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