Revision Surgery After 2 1/2 Years Implant Bottomed Out. - London, UK

Hi my name is Maria I'm from north east England....

Hi my name is Maria I'm from north east England.
I just had revision surgery after my implants bottomed out in jan 2012 however I fell pregnant not in May 2012 so had to wait till 3 month after having my baby to get corrective surgery. I had my child in feb 2013 and then it has taken this long to get my surgery as had to argue with company ect!!! MYA COSMETIC SURGERY.
Anyways I just wanted to let people see my photos and know my story and to think twice before getting any surgery.
I was 25 when I had my 1st BA after wanting one for years.
I am 5ft9 tall and had a small 34c/b chest. I just never felt like they suited my fame as u have broad shoulders and big bum lol.
I wish I had waited now till I was older and had my child cause then my boobs more than likely wud have need done. But me being me I don't listen to what ppl say and want it done.
I had a surgeon called Mario Russo. Renowned as a top breast surgeon.
He is a really nice man.

I have never had a clear answer as to why my breasts bottomed out so who knows!

Anyways I am 1 week post op.
I went from having 525 & 460cc submuscular to having
2x600cc naturalle TSX over the muscle

I am going to put some pics up of my breasts befor my revision and after.

Any tips on looking after my scars would be great as I had very raised thick scars before?

I would not recommend MYA as once they have your money they are not bothered.

9 days post op

9 days post op now. Feeling good. Boobies looking good. Swelling gone down so much. Scars are still sore. Gonna post another pic

11 days post op

This pic I just took. They much softer now not really much swelling now.

Pic of incision

Healing scars. Had to be made much longer this time round :(

RUSHED To hospital yesterday as left boob swelled up

Hi girls. I am now currently inhispital after being rushed in last night. Scariest thing of my life thought I was dying.
I was just changing my daughters nappy then suddenly felt my implant tightening. I looked down and within seconds it was massive and just kep growing.
I got to hospital and passed out as blood pressure had dropped. They didt really know what was happening as it wast something they had seen and there was no sign of infection. So they said it's more than likely a blood clot!!! I was transferred to the rvi on specialist plastics who have done my operation and are draining it. Thank The Lord he put my implant back in as I wuould have had to go back to surgeon which I really didt want.

Started swelling again.

Started swelling at about 4pm don't know what it is. Very painful. Hospital seen to think if cud be drain but I have had them befor and never like this. Had my op to remove hematoma last night at 11pm was totally fine till 4pm today

Feeling good finally.

Hi everyone. Just updating. Realise I never replied to some posts sorry. Well it's been 8 days since last surgery and I'm feeling good now. Still taking it easy. Boobs are looking ok I think yous can tell me your thoughts?
I have lost half a stone this week so lost it from top most haha boobies look a lot smaller. However I wudt care if I had small ones now lol.
Hope you are all well. And feel free to ask me any questions.

Maria xxx

Left boob Gos really far to left. Why??

Hi everyone. This is what's happening when I lie on my back. It happened with last implants but not as bad. I have told surgeon I'm not happy ect but that I won't have any more surgery. Of I find that it's down to his mistake I'm seeking leagal advice?

My boobs befor my ops in 2011

Hi just putting pic up to show my old boobs. Wish I had kept. I'm now in process or trying to sue surgeon as my breasts still are not right. Scar far to high. Bad rippling. Pain on top half of breast, I could go on and on ???? just make sure you guys get a good surgeon before you have surgery. Do a lot of research
Dr Mario Russo

Mario is friendly. I can't say he is bad cause my surgery went wrong but hoping this surgery lives up to expectations. Mario Luca Russo is not my surgeon!! But some how on this site it says he was.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I think your boobs are nice; however I have rippling to but it does'nt bother me much; I have thin skin; but it was a risk I was willing to take to have big boobs; my boobs used to fall to the side as well so I know how u feel; having an internal bra done was the only thing that helped me!
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Also u can aways go back to your previous surgeron and ask him to tighten. Your skin around the implant but it will be considered a revision surgery; I had a previous revision done where my ps at the time loosen up the pocket in my breast because my implant would not drop into place; the surgery was done under a little medication; I was awake and it only cost $500.00 cheaper if I had been asleep!
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I have to say I think he's done something wrong! I know it's early days - and they have probably not settled etc. but the left one looks like it is totally pulling your breast tissue away from your body! Sitting up they look great - laying down I TOTALLY understand why you are upset about them! I think he should refund you monies for it. Make sure you follow everything to a T! As IF you are going forward with legal action, you have to be able to say that you followed everything and nothing changed! IF it stays like that - after say 6 weeks - then I would get a 2nd opinion and then see what they say (usually Dr's will not go against other Dr's)! I feel bad for you! Hope they finally fix themselves!
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I think your boobs look amazing! If you feel there is something that the surgeon did wrong, I would consult with the best PS in your area. If that was your PS, travel somewhere. I got mine in Denver, CO, but went to the best doctor here. I did then about traveling to California, Florida, or Texas to get mine done though (where BA are very common and they have a ton of really good doctors). I'll be praying for your recovery!
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Think, not then ;-)
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Thanks. Yea I have done. I'm seeing them again this week. X
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Angel, you know I think you are a doll, ur breasts are beautiful and ur body looks amazing. Well just keeping praying for you;)
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I am so sorry to hear about your terrible experience! You will definitely be in my prayers for a perfect and easy recovery. And yes, your boobs look amazing now that the swelling has gone down.
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Aw thank you so much. I'm only 3 weeks post op and have my left one really Gos go left when I lie down :( but I won't be getting anything corrected no more surgery not worth it xxxx
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WOW you poor thing! I just can't believe how they looked originally and how your recovery was really bad! I hope that you recover well from here on out and get the look you are hoping for! So who was you doctor?
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Hey. My doc was Mario Russo. Still not happy but nothing I can do. I don't want anymore surgery if I can help it :( x
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Hi there do yours feel hard still? Are they numb at all or sore x
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Yea my right one is numb it's weird but I'm sure will go. They are both sore just when I lightly put my fingers across them. I don't think I have any swelling now. How's yours? Xx
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Hi it's so strange isn't it that feeling of its been sand papered or something so I'm glad you said that cause I find it so strange. Are your scars thick mine are quite thick even though they don't look it. My husband touch my left boob last night and I couldn't feel it , it's horrible because I love them touched so I'm really worried about the numbness. Also they are still really firm and feel really hard when I'm laying down. Any of this sound familiar to you? Thank you x
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Yea it's wierd it's prob still healing. Mine are firm but prob not like yours. Mine were a lot more swollen my first everyone so give it time. My scars are about 7 inch long and are not thick as of yet! However my last ones turned thick. Are you warring non wierd sports bra all the time? Scars can change over period of time so I'm waiting to see how mine will go. Get some silicone strips to help the scarring. I got them this time so hope mine will be better
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Hi there yes I'm wearing sports non wired and at ( I'm presuming you have to wear night and day) I have never heard of silicon strips where do you get them from? I got measured I'm only a c cup I was told I'd be a dd so I'm disappointed really
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I got mine from the net. I'm hoping they will be good. Oh what size implants u get? I got 615cc and still a 34 e. I was a small b/c befor my my ops. Tell them your not happy Hun. Have a look at your contract see what it says about you not being happy x
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I had 365 and was told I'd be a dd but I'm not I'm a c they look nice but not very big I'd need a push up bra to make me look like I've got s I'm gonna put some pics on now
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You have a beautiful body ya lil Barbie ;) glad you are doing good;)
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Awww thanks. I'm great now thank you. How's are you? Xx
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I'm doing good doll, thanks!! I'm really wanting to go tan, already have sessions, I'm getting a bed for Xmas!! ;)
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Haha oh lush. I never use them just false tan. Cover them scars up tho xx
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How ur doing good barbiedoll ;)
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So sorry you experienced such a scare during your recovery. Based on your comments, it sounds like your breasts are back to a normal size. We'd love an update to your review when you have a chance. Did your doctor prescribe any antibiotics? Wishing you a smooth recovery from now on!
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Just checking in to see how you are making out. Hope all is well, thinking of you!
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