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My Lasik.... Definately Worth It

I had Intralase Lasik completed just a few days...

I had Intralase Lasik completed just a few days ago. My experience with surgery and the aftermath would require me to recommomend it to everyone.

The surgery was virtually painless. My eyes are only remotely dry, which is where any moisturizing eye drops will come in handy. My vision is 20/20 where before I had a high astigmatism and needed to wear glasses all day long. I can now look at the alarm clock at night, see at far distances and zoom in on any object that I desire. The best part is the doctor said my vision will only get better with longer recovery.

I am very happy with the results.


Funny because my favorite thing from having Lasik was being able to see the alarm clock in the middle of the night. This really is a great procedure when in the hands of a skilled eye surgeon. I am about 3 years out and still have great results, vision is awesome.
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TLC Vision Center

This facility has great customer service; in the facility and over the phone. The staff is very informative and knowledgeable. They made my experience comfortable and relaxing. To top it off. The doctor who performed my surgery was very calming and very talented.

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