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My Invisalign Experience - 17 upper and 25 lower trays, with 5 buttons - San Francisco, CA

Just about to start my own invisalign treatment...

Just about to start my own invisalign treatment here in just a few weeks, so I thought I'd write about my experiences here. I'll be having 17 upper and 25 lower trays, with 5 buttons(luckily NOT on the front teeth!!). My dentist said she will also be giving me a free take home whitening kit when my aligners come in! I'll ad to this every once in a while, so check back for progress!!
who is your dentist. i was quoted for 6800.. too much for mile crowding...
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Hello, this is my second posting. I just got my alligners on for the first time about 5 hours ago! As for pain? None. Discomfort? Mild. There's a bit of a scratch on the roof of my mouth where the aligner is almost in contact with the flesh, but I'm not sure if the scratch was already there before the aligners went on, so I'll just assume it was there unless it gets worse. I'll be getting my attachments with the 3rd set of aliners. I'm so glad my dentist is letting me get used to these before the attachments come on! As for how do they look? Well, to me I notice them pretty well, but can tell that other people, unless within 2-3 feet of me and STARING at my mouth, shouldn't notice them. None of my coworkers have anyway. Tonight I guess we'll see if my partner notices - somehow I've managed to keep these a secret from him! ps. One thing I've noticed since wearing them? My mouth creates a whole lot more saliva than normal...hopefully that'll decrease the more I get used to them.
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